Can you fertilize in winter?

With the arrival of the cold, the growth rate of the plants slows down , to the point that some will spend these months devoid of leaves because it would cost too much energy to try to preserve them when the conditions are not favourable.

Every time we pay, we want them to grow fast and strong as we try to give them all the nutrients they need. But, can it also be paid in winter or would it be counterproductive?


  • 1 Why is it paid in winter?
  • 2 What fertilizer to use?

Why is it paid in winter?

Organic fertilizer for plants

Organic fertilizer

The truth is that it depends on the plant in question and what you want to achieve by paying it. Let me explain: when it is fertilized in winter, it is not done with the aim of making the plant grow, but rather so that it can continue to accumulate its food and energy reserves . These reserves are very important, since if they did not have them, it would be very difficult for them to come out of hibernation in which they find themselves in autumn and especially winter.

For this reason, all plants can be fertilized , except the carnivorous ones, since they feed on the insects that fall into their traps. But, with what type of subscription?

What fertilizer to use?

chemical fertilizer for plants

mineral fertilizer

Again, it depends. There are two types of fertilizers on the market: mineral fertilizers, which are those that are extracted from mines or volcanoes, and organic fertilizers, which are organic matter in a more or less advanced process of decomposition. The former are fast-acting, while the latter are slow-release.

Which one to use? If it is about plants that are perfectly adapted to the climate, it is highly recommended to spread a layer of organic fertilizer about 2-5cm thick once a month , such as manure , earthworm humus or compost ; On the contrary, if they are plants that cannot withstand the cold, the ideal is to spread a tablespoon of mineral fertilizer (such as Nitrofoska) around them on a monthly basis.

Fertilizing in winter is not essential but it is highly recommended, since this way the plants will grow much more strongly in spring.

Can you fertilize in winter?

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