Main varieties of almond trees

The almond tree is a highly ornamental fruit tree that can be grown in all kinds of temperate gardens around the world. Its growth rate is quite fast, and furthermore, with a height of 6 meters and a crown of up to 4m in diameter, it provides enough shade to have a picnic under its branches.

But did you know that there are different varieties of almond trees? Its fruit, the almond, has a delicious flavor, but depending on the variety it is even more so. Find out which are the most used.


Almond tree Ferranduel

Almond blossoms

This is a vigorous growing tree, which has a highly branched crown. It is late flowering , and the ripening of its fruit is also late. The shell of its almonds is very hard. These are large and elongated.

It is a very interesting variety as it resists low temperatures, although it does need its flowers to be pollinated. It has a yield of 27% .

Ferragnes almond tree

It is a very productive tree , despite the fact that it seems otherwise. It has few branches but is one of the best growers in any type of soil, producing a large quantity of almonds for the whole family. It is  late blooming and cold resistant. The fruits are elongated and have a semi-hard rind.

The only drawback is that she needs her flowers to be pollinated, but otherwise you should know that she has a 40% yield .

Guara Almond Tree

It is a medium-sized tree with few branches. Its flowering is late , and its fruits ripen quickly. The shape of its almonds is reminiscent of a heart because they are rounded on one side and narrow on the other, ending in a point.

It is self-fertile , which means that it does not need the pollen of another almond tree to bear fruit. It has a yield of between 37 and 40% .

Lauranne Almond Tree

Image - Crucible

Image – Crucible

It is a tree of medium vigor that produces a large quantity of almondsIts flowering and maturation are late , so it grows well in cold climates. Its fruits have a semi-hard shell, and have an elongated and narrow shape.

Its yield is between 35 and 38% .

Main varieties of almond trees

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