Aquatic plants: Cattail

If you are looking for plants for ponds or to put next to the pool, there are a variety of species that are ideal due to the humid conditions they need to live.

One of them is the Bulrush , whose scientific name is Typha latifolia but is also known by other names, such as Totora, Enea, Anea, Bayunco, Junco de la Pasión or Maza de agua.

Undoubtedly, it is a recommended option to have in the home, although it is necessary to have a large space as the plant spreads easily. Otherwise, you will have to be very aware of periodic pruning to keep it in place.


aquatic and ornamental plant

Typha latifolia or Cattail

This aquatic plant belongs to the Typhacea family and is ideal for placing on the edges of ponds and swimming pools due to its ornamental appearance. It reaches a height of 2.5 meters so it is very showy and blooms in summer, when the spike-shaped flowers appear between the stems. A curiosity is that the top flower is male and after releasing the pollen it dries up while the bottom one is the female flower.

The Espadaña grows in lagoons, swamps and estuaries, although it is also common to find it next to the roads, in humid areas.

Cattail Care

Typha latifolia

One of the most important aspects of this species is that it is an invasive plant, so its growth must be controlled to prevent it from contaminating all areas. The Bulrush is a fast-growing plant and that is why it must be located next to generously sized water mirrors to prevent them from occupying the entire place or leaving no room for coexistence with other aquatic plants.

The plant needs to live on a surface with a depth of at least 40 cm as the rhizomes must always be submerged. In terms of temperatures, it adapts to a wide range and is therefore one of the most resistant aquatic plants while having few demands.

Multiplication should occur in late summer and after flowers fade. It is made from the division of the rhizomes, although it is also possible to grow it from seeds.

Aquatic plants: Cattail

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