Everything you need to know about pruning apple trees

Pruning is a technique that is carried out so that sunlight can reach all parts of the tree, so that it can develop and grow much better. In addition, with it you can get the plant to emit lower branches, so it will be much easier for us to collect its fruits once they are ripe.

But when and how should it be done? If you want to know everything about pruning apple trees, read on.


When are apple trees pruned?

apple blossoms

They should not be pruned when it is blooming, as we could run out of fruit.

Pruning on apple trees should be done in early spring , after frost has passed but before flowers begin to appear. It is not recommended to do it during the fall, since the new branches that sprout could freeze during the winter, nor during the flowering.

The ideal moment is just when the temperatures, both maximum and minimum, begin to rise, but the tree is still, apparently, asleep.

What tools do I need?

Choosing the right tools will allow us to work comfortably without damaging the tree. For this reason, it is very important to use pruning shears for the thinnest branches, a small handsaw for those that are between 2.5 and 5cm thick, and a hacksaw for those that are thicker.

How are apple trees pruned?

pruning shears

Apple trees are trees that are shaped slightly conical so that the base has a larger diameter than the top. So,  we have to prune/trim the following:

  • The ones that grow too big.
  • The ones that intersect.
  • Those who look weak or sick.
  • The ones that grow downwards.
  • Suckers, which are shoots that grow near the base of the trunk.

Afterwards, we can use the remains of the pruning to make compost . Thus, not only will we obtain a fruit tree that will produce exquisite apples, but also the remains will serve to fertilize or improve the soil in the garden.

Everything you need to know about pruning apple trees

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