How to make a miniature garden

Miniature gardens are a real wonder. They do not take up much space, so they can be used as a centerpiece on the terrace or balcony. In addition, they can be decorated in many different ways, putting a house, different plants, ornamental stones, … in short, as you like.

So if you would like to have a small piece of nature, then we are going to explain how to make a miniature garden .


  • 1 What do I need to make a miniature garden?
  • 2 step by step
  • 3 Miniature Garden Ideas

What do I need to make a miniature garden?


To get a miniature garden you will only need the following:

  • Small plants : such as succulent plants, cacti that do not grow much, flowers, ferns.
  • Substrate : that has good drainage. A good mix would be black peat moss mixed with equal parts perlite.
  • Volcanic clay : or similar. It will serve to improve water drainage.
  • Container – This can be a conventional flower pot, but you can also turn a wheelbarrow or tire into a garden.
  • Other decorative elements : stones, ground tile, houses, figurines.
  • Watering can/sprayer – When you’re done, it’s important to water so the plants can grow in their new location.

Step by Step

How to make a miniature garden

Now that you have everything, it’s time to create your beautiful miniature garden. To do this, follow this step by step :

  1. Put in the pot -or what you are going to use as such- with a first layer of volcanic clay, clay balls or similar. The thickness has to be 1 to 3cm.
  2. Fill it with substrate, but not completely. It is recommended to fill it a little less than half.
  3. Arrange your plants so that they are neat, like in a garden.
  4. Finish filling the pot.
  5. Put the decorative elements.
  6. And water or spray, depending on what kind of plants they are and how small the garden itself is. For example, if it is a garden of succulents, the ideal is to spray until the substrate is well soaked, since if it is watered, the water will most likely move the plants from the site; On the other hand, if you have turned a wheelbarrow or a tire into a garden, it is preferable to water with a watering can.

miniature garden ideas

If you need ideas to have your miniature garden, here they are:

miniature garden
succulent garden
wheelbarrow with plants
Pine wood for the garden
recycled pots
Pots with toys

How to make a miniature garden

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