How to prune a peach tree?

To ensure that the peach tree has better growth and development as well as greater fruit production, it is very important to remember to prune it every year. Only with pruning -as long as it is well done- can we achieve a healthy specimen.

Therefore, in order for us to achieve our goal , this article explains everything about peach tree pruning .


  • 1 When do you prune?
  • 2 How is it pruned?
    • 2.1 Training
    • 2.2 cleaning
    • 2.3 Fruiting

When is it pruned?

The peach tree is a deciduous fruit tree running out of it in autumn-early winter depending on the weather. Doing so also slows down their rate of growth, so the amount of sap circulating through their vessels decreases. However, we couldn’t prune it right now because there might be a frost or snowfall that would weaken it.

The ideal time to prune it is at the beginning of autumn -if it is a tree that has already begun to bear fruit- or at the end of winter .

How is it pruned?

There are three types of pruning:


As its name suggests, it is done to shape the tree . It is carried out when it is still young, from 1 to 4 years, giving it the shape of a glass.


It consists of removing the branches, sick or weak , as well as the suckers. Those branches that intersect are also trimmed, giving them a tangled appearance.


It is the type of pruning that is done to get the tree to produce a greater amount of fruit. It begins to do from the third year of life. To do it well, you have to know the different formations that we can find in the plant:

  • May bouquets: they are 15 to 30cm long twigs from which flowers can sprout. It is recommended to remove them.
  • Chifonas : they are like May bouquets but much weaker and shorter. You also have to remove them.
  • Mixed bouquets : they measure from 30 to 100cm. Flowers sprout from them. They should be cut above two vegetative buds at the base of the bouquet.
  • Wood branches: they are branches without leaves -or very few-. They can be trimmed or removed directly.
  • Suckers : they are suckers that sprout from the roots. It is advisable to remove them.
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How to prune a peach tree?

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