How to remove weeds so they don’t grow anymore

Wild weeds can create beautiful landscapes, but when grown in the garden they are often more of a problem than anything else. And it is that, their growth rate is so high that, if we left them, there would come a time when they would prevent our plants from having the growth and development that we would like them to have.

So when to weed? If we want them to stop growing, we must choose the right time to eliminate them. So if you want to know what it is, then I will reveal it to you. 

The herbs grow in times when it rains regularly. For this reason, it is important to first know when the rainy season begins and ends in our area . For example, where I live, in the south of Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain) it rains quite frequently in autumn and spring, but hardly at all during summer and winter. So in my case I have to remove the weeds in early fall and early spring, otherwise I would have a forest of only these wild plants in a matter of days.

Precisely for this reason, because it has a very fast growth, it is not necessary to let much time pass. As soon as the first rains fall, I can assure you that their seeds will germinate in about two or three days. Unless we like to have a green carpet in the garden, we must act as soon as possible on a day when there is a new moon , since that will be when there is a greater concentration of sap in the roots. To do this, we can use a hoe , power tiller or herbicides (better if they are natural , since they do not harm the environment).

herbs in garden

Of course, we must know that if we live in the middle of the field, it is most likely that we will have to remove the weeds year after year, but I am sure that over time we will see that they come out less and less. 

How to remove weeds so they don’t grow anymore

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