How to use insecticides?

Insecticides are ecological or chemical products that can be very useful to take care of our plants. However, if we do not use them correctly, the ones who can end up losing are us and our health, especially if we use the latter. How to avoid it?

The answer is very simple: discovering how to use insecticides . And how is that done? Here I tell you .


  • 1 Protect yourself
  • 2 Read the instructions on the package
  • 3 Do not use them if it is windy
  • 4 Ask your questions

protect yourself

This is the first thing to do, especially if you are going to use chemical products since these are very dangerous for health; in fact, if the liquid comes into contact with a microcut or wound, it will cause irritation, inflammation, as well as pain. It is very important to prevent this from happening by putting on rubber gloves -such as kitchen ones- because as this is a waterproof material, it does not allow the product to come into contact with the skin.

In addition, and again especially if we use chemicals, we will have to put on clothes that cover our entire body and, if we are going to treat large plants such as a tree or a palm tree, it does not hurt to wear a mask.

Read the directions on the package

Many times a product is bought and used without even reading the instructions, which is a very big mistake. If we do it like this, we will not only make the plants sick, but we could also harm the environment. For this reason, always, and when I say always, it is always, you have to read the instructions and follow them , whether they are chemical or natural products.

You have to think that the extremes are very harmful: adding more product will not improve the health of the plant; What’s more, what will happen is that it will weaken even more.

Don’t use them if it’s windy

On windy days, as well as those in which it is not certain whether it will rain or not, do not use insecticides. Why? Well, if it’s windy we run the risk of getting the insecticide liquid into the eyes , which could be very painful; and if we do it on a day when the sky is cloudy it may end up raining and, if it does, the water will take all the insecticide with it.

For this reason, the plants must be treated on days when the weather is good , that is, when the sky is clear (or more or less clear), and without wind or very mild.

ask your questions

Being products that can be very positive or very dangerous depending on how they are used, if you have any doubts, you should consult them with someone who is an expert. For this reason, the ideal is to ask the nursery professionals or someone we know who has a phytosanitary product handler card so that he can solve them for us.

organic insecticides

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How to use insecticides?

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