What fertilizers are rich in nitrogen?

Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for plants: without it, they literally could not grow
 . Their health would become so weak that pest-causing insects and opportunistic microorganisms, such as fungi, would cause disease. This is something that fertilizer manufacturers are well aware of, as they make sure that their products contain this important component for plant life.

But, what are the fertilizers rich in nitrogen? If you also want your plants to grow strongly, don’t stop fertilizing them with these fertilizers that I indicate. 


  • 1 coffee grounds
  • 2 Food for dogs and cats
  • 3 chicken manure

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds

Image – Agenciasinc.es

Do you usually throw away that coffee that remains in the coffee maker? You will no longer have an excuse not to do it anymore! It contains high levels of nitrogen, as well as phosphorus and potassium, which are the other two essential nutrients for the proper growth and development of plants.

Dog and cat food

I think for dogs

Food for dogs and cats, also called feed or croquettes, is rich in proteins and micronutrients, and of course contains nitrogen, which improves the composition of the land, becoming more fertile. The only drawback is that it can only be placed on the garden soil, not in the pots, since otherwise the ants would rush to this food source.

chicken manure

Chicken manure or poultry manure

Image – Compostandociencia.com

Chicken manure is not only natural but it is also one of the best nitrogen-rich fertilizers that exist, and one of the fastest effective . The drawback is that if you get it fresh you have to let it dry in the sun for at least a week, but otherwise your plants will surely appreciate having a regular food supply of this compost.

Do you know other fertilizers rich in nitrogen? Getting your plants to grow spectacularly well now you know it’s not difficult.

What fertilizers are rich in nitrogen?

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