What to do if a tree falls

After a blizzard or because it has reached the end of its life, a tree can fall to the ground. Although it does not happen very often since what is usually done is to take preventive measures, sometimes it can cause us a big problem, especially if the specimen is of a certain size and/or has invaded the neighbor’s land.

In any of these situations, we will surely ask ourselves: what to do if a tree falls? 


  • 1 How do you cut down a fallen tree?
  • 2 It’s already cut: now what?

How do you cut down a fallen tree?

Unless the home insurance we have contracted takes care of everything, what we will have to do is rent -or buy- a chainsaw and get in touch with someone who has a crane or, at least, a truck with a trailer . Once we have everything, we will put on some gardening gloves, some protective glasses and we will also wear clothes that cover us, except for the face, of course.

Then, it will only be a matter of removing it: first the branches and then cutting the trunk into pieces . These pieces have to be of a size that can be easily picked up by the crane, or that can fit well on the trailer. The smaller they are, the better since they will fit more and we will not have to be taking trips from one place to another.

It’s already cut: now what?


Now we have several options:

  • Take the pieces to the Green Point of our municipality, or call the town hall for them to come and collect them.
  • Make the stumps beautiful natural garden seats , which will combine perfectly, especially if it is designed in a rustic style such as the English cottage .
  • Shred it and throw it in the compost heap , where after a year it will serve as soil fertilizer.
  • With the branches well cut,  the most delicate plants can be mulched .

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What to do if a tree falls

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