What to know about gardening

When a person is curious to know what gardening is and what to expect from it, they should know that they will find all the technical information on the Internet, as well as on this very blog. But since we often forget the emotional part of this whole matter, it is very possible that this article will surprise you . 

What to know about gardening? If they had asked me in the year, for example, 2005, I might have answered with the following: acquisition of botanical knowledge. But I never would have imagined that gardening is so much more than that.


  • 1 What is gardening?
  • 2 What to know about this world?
    • 2.1 Scientific names, yes, but without obsessing
    • 2.2 It can be fun
    • 2.3 Improve relationships…
    • 2.4 …and health
    • 2.5 Helps to have a healthier planet

What is gardening?

Gardening is a wonderful experience

According to dictionaries, the term gardening means ” art and technique of caring for and cultivating gardens “, that is, designing gardens, deciding where you are going to place each of the plants that will form it, taking care of them so that they grow healthy and strong. But what happens if we don’t have land? Absolutely nothing happens. There are many plants that can be grown in a pot, both outside and inside the house , you just have to click on the links that I am putting here.

Plants are the most primitive expression of life . They were the first to appear more than 200 million years ago, and have evolved to become what they are today: living beings that, without having to move from the site where they germinate, are capable of transforming the sun’s energy into food . Some will never exceed 5 centimeters, but others will rise as if they wanted to touch the sky with their leaves and will exceed 80 meters.

What to know about this world?

Scientific names, yes, but without obsessing

Specimen of Phoenix roebelenii

Phoenix roebelenii , the scientific name for the robelina palm tree.

When you start, there will be many expert people who will tell you that you must learn the scientific names, origins and main characteristics of each plant in order to identify them. And I’m not going to lie to you, I think the same as them. Common names, those that each people or region gives to plant beings, often cause a lot of confusion ; instead, scientists do not since each species has only one that is universal.

But I will also tell you that this can be learned “as you go”. I mean, if you discover that your favorite plants are, for example, palm trees , you will soon know that there are more than 3 thousand species. As it is practically impossible to learn the name of all of them (and even more so considering that not all of them can be grown in the same garden), the ideal is to learn only those that you could have and the rest simply know them as they say »for having seen them in photos ».

It can be fun

gardening can be fun

Gardening can be fun as well as informative. Both children and adults can have a great time working with plants or with elements as decorative as the garden gnomes . By the way, and speaking of these, can you imagine walking and finding a nice frog figure hidden under a tree? Surely you can not suppress a smile . And that smile, even if you don’t believe me, will help you spend an incredible day. 

It is often thought that working with plants involves significant physical effort, but the truth is that it depends. Building a pond or pruning according to which plants is tiring. But it is also true that the simple fact of being in contact with nature revitalizes you .

Improve relationships…

Gardening can be enjoyed by children and adults

Just as those who hang out at a dog park can easily make friends, those with a true passion for gardening can do the same with family, friends, and those they meet. The world of plants is so, so big, that there is a lot to talk about. So don’t miss out on the opportunity they give you to learn and teach.

Personally, I will tell you that going to the nursery with a friend is much more interesting than going alone. Because you know that the day does not end when we leave the nursery. Then we will go to eat, then for a walk, and during -almost- all that time we will be talking about plants, which is our favorite topic of conversation. Thus, little by little and almost without realizing it, we have been friends for more than seven years.

…and health

mango tree with fruits

Breathing fresh air, staying active, smiling (or laughing), all this makes you feel alive . When we are happy or do something we like, the brain releases endorphins, which are the hormones of happiness, which have very important health benefits. Although if I’m honest I don’t really know what their effects are in the medium or long term, something tells me that these hormones are the most effective remedy against aging. In fact, when we feel very depressed, we stop taking care of ourselves, but we also let the pain “eat” us inside.

Although I am one of those who think that there are moments for everything, to be happy and to cry, it is true that joy will always be a better food for what makes us who we are . And what better way to conquer it than surrounding yourself with plants.

Help to have a healthier planet

Healthy tree forest, help keep the planet alive

We live on a planet where asphalt is invading everything. Traffic circulates along streets that, not long ago, were paths or nature trails. Pollution levels are skyrocketing and many lives are in serious danger of seeing an end before their time. If we want to avoid this, one of the things we can do is… plant: trees, bushes, palm trees,… whatever. If there were more green areas in cities and towns, everything would be very different .

Plants absorb carbon dioxide through the pores in their leaves and release oxygen. As a consequence, they keep the air clean. But beware, it will not be enough to plant them, we must also avoid the use of synthetic (chemical) products , otherwise we would end up with a very damaged soil.

Gardening, as we have seen, can be much more than entertainment. It can be a friend, a counselor, a smile in the morning, a breath of fresh air, a way of life. 

What to know about gardening

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