How to prepare the land for planting in winter

Before sowing anything in the ground it is very important to prepare it so that it can feed the future plants that will grow in it. Especially in the coldest time of the year is when we have to give more importance to this task, since depending on what we do now we will be able to harvest more or less food during the season .

For this reason, I am going to explain how to prepare the ground for sowing in winter . Thus, you will be able to enjoy the natural flavor of a freshly picked vegetable or fruit over and over again.


  • 1 Remove stones and weeds
  • 2 Fertilize the land
  • 3 Place anti-weed mesh
  • 4 Protect the plants

Remove stones and weeds

Man removing weeds with hoe

With the help of a motorized tractor if the land is large, or a hoe if it is rather small, one of the first things to do is remove all the stones that you can , especially the big ones, and wild grasses. Why? Well, the former take up space that the roots will occupy, and the latter will “steal” the nutrients.

When finished, pass the rake to level the ground . It doesn’t have to be perfect; If there is a little unevenness, nothing happens. Therefore, it can be done by eye.

fertilize the land

manure for plants

Do it with organic fertilizers , such as manure , guano , humus or compost . You can even add egg and banana peels, tea bags, overcooked vegetables, etc. Fertilize the land well . Mix the fertilizer that you have chosen with it so that, in this way, it is fertile enough to feed the plants.

Place anti-weed mesh

Green anti-weed mesh

This is optional, but very useful to ensure no wild weeds will grow. Place the anti- weed mesh in the area where you are going to sow or plant, and make holes right where the plants are going to be. Another alternative is to do it the other way around, that is, plant the plants first and then make the holes.

protect the plants

Homemade greenhouse for orchard

If you are in a hurry and/or want to bring the season forward, you can plant your horticultural plants now. Now, it is very necessary that you protect them, for example by building a greenhouse like the one in the image above.

Have a good planting

How to prepare the land for planting in winter

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