When and how to remove weeds

Wild herbs, much better known as weeds, are plants that grow so fast and invasive that they can literally leave the plant species we have in the garden or in pots without food. For this reason, one of the tasks that we have to do throughout the year is to remove them, but… how?

If we do it wrong, that is, if we leave the roots, it is very possible that they will come out again as soon as they receive a little water. So we are going to explain when and how to remove weeds so that this does not happen to you again.


  • 1 When to remove weeds?
    • 1.1 Garden
    • 1.2 flowerpot
  • 2 How to remove them?
    • 2.1 In the garden
    • 2.2 Potted

When to remove weeds?

Weed with a hoe if the garden is small


It will depend on the tastes of each one, as well as the weather . For example, I like established gardens that have a -low- green carpet, but if it is young like mine, then I try to leave the land as free of weeds as possible. This means in my case taking the hoe and doing this task regularly, especially in winter and spring when it rains the most. But if you live in a humid climate you will probably have to remove them much more often.

Flower pot

In a pot, things change. The space that the roots have is limited so yes or yes we have to remove all the wild herbs as soon as we see them germinate .

How to remove them?

In the garden

Garden tiller

To remove them in the garden you can do several things :

  • Remove them with a garden tool such as a hoe, or if the garden is large with a power tiller.
  • Use non-toxic products for the environment such as the following, taking care with garden plants:
    • Salt
    • Boiling water
    • Diary paper
    • shade mesh


To leave our potted plants free of weeds, the ideal is to water them first and then, with gloves or tweezers, remove them.

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When and how to remove weeds

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