What are gabion walls and how are they used?

One way to have a much better divided garden or plot is by putting up a wall, but not just any wall, but made of gabions. With materials as simple as stones and galvanized or stainless steel mesh, you can get a piece of land that will be a pleasure to be on . And all this without losing the aesthetics of the place.

They are very durable and do not require any maintenance. Do you want to know how to use gabion walls?


  • 1 How to build a gabion wall?
  • 2 What is it used for?

How to build a gabion wall?

Construction of a gabion wall

Image – ourcontainerhouse.blogspot.com

To build a gabion wall you will need a galvanized or stainless steel grid box and stones . This box can be any way you want. For example, if you want to have a bench in your garden, it is best to have it in the shape of a cube, but if what you need is to build a wall, then the ideal is for it to be rectangular in shape.

Once you have everything, you simply have to put the stones inside the box . It is important that they are all more or less the same size, as this will be much more resistant.

What is it for?

Gabion wall in a garden

Image – wire.com.ar

In addition to some uses that we have already mentioned, the gabion wall can be used for these other things :

  • Prevent landslide and erosion.
  • Like benches or chairs.
  • Delimit the garden, or to have the different areas of it separated.

Having a gabion wall is a very advisable option. It is relatively inexpensive and very easy to do . Also, even if it’s just stones and a steel box, you can use your creativity to build a much more interesting wall.

So, do you dare to build one? 

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What are gabion walls and how are they used?

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