A widely used plant in gardening, Solanum rantonnetii

Today we are going to talk about a plant that is widely used in gardening. It is the Solanum rantonnetii . These plants belong to the Solanaceae family and come from South America, more specifically in Argentina and Paraguay. Its common name is solano de flor azul.

Do you want to know more about this plant so used in the world of gardening?

widely used plant

It is a shrub whose special characteristic stands out as soon as you see it: its high level of branching. It grows in an unstable way and without any type of pattern and creates globular volumes. Thanks to its variety in growth form, it is difficult to find two nightshades with a similar shape, which is why it gives us great ornamental advantages due to its high diversity.

It also has great versatility when it comes to its function. For example, if they are guided, they are capable of reaching heights of more than two meters acting as climbing plants. They can also act as ground cover plants, since their branched growth is capable of covering a large part of the ground in a short time.

It is a fast-growing plant and its leaves are bright green and oval in shape. It blooms during the summer and early fall, when temperatures begin to drop. The flowers are bluish-purple with a slightly darker edge and an intense yellow inside that makes it even more showy.

When the flowers have fertilized, red fruits are formed that develop in a hanging way . It is good because it adapts to different types of soils, although the ones that help it to develop the most are those that are peaty, rich in nutrients and well drained.

Among its care is not to have it exposed to low temperatures, since it does not resist cold well . It is also necessary to carry out training pruning to eliminate damaged branches so that they can grow well. To keep it in good condition, it must be paid every three weeks in spring and summer.

With these tips you can surely have your nightshade Solanum rantonnetii in your garden.

A widely used plant in gardening, Solanum rantonnetii

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