How to make a flower border

Do you like flowers? The truth is that they are beautiful, each and every one of them. They give a lot of joy to any corner of the home, but also to the gardens. Therefore, they are phenomenal as borders. But do you know how to make them?

If you have doubts, we hope to solve them all below. Discover how to make a floral border .


  • 1 Decide where you are going to put the floral border
  • 2 Choose the plants
    • 2.1 Permanent floral border
    • 2.2 Temporary floral border
  • 3 Create your flower carpet

Decide where you are going to put the floral border

flowering bulbous plants

The flowers, in general, need a minimum of 4 hours of direct light a day, so you have to find a place exposed to the sun so that they can have an excellent development. As for the soil, we will not have to worry too much, because as long as it has good drainage , we can grow those that we like the most.

Once the location is decided, we have to prepare the ground . This means that you have to remove stones and wild grasses, delimit the area with stakes, for example, and put up an anti- weed mesh (if you want).

choose the plants

Canna indica in flower

Now it’s time to choose the plants we want to put. Depending on whether we want a permanent or temporary floral border, we can choose one or the other:

Permanent floral border

For this type of border you have to choose perennial or perennial flowers , such as these:

  • Geraniums
  • rose bushes
  • Dimorfoteca
  • carnations
  • Zinnia

temporary flower border

For this type of border we will choose annual or seasonal flowers , like these:

  • Bulbous: tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, buttercups, Indian cane, etc.
  • Thoughts
  • Sunflower
  • hollyhocks
  • ornamental cabbage

Create your flower carpet

Blue flowers for borders

To finish, we will only have to plant the plants that we have chosen in their final place. You have to take into account the characteristics of each one and not put them too close together , because although it is very interesting to have a carpet of flowers, it would not look good if the plants do not have the space they need to grow. Therefore, it is good to leave about 5-10cm between them.

Thus, we can enjoy the flowers 

How to make a flower border

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