How to prevent fungus in rosebush

A healthy plant, cared for, will be very resistant to pests and diseases. And it is that it is very difficult, if not practically impossible, for insects and/or microorganisms to harm it when its health is good. For all these reasons, it is interesting to know how to prevent fungus in rosebushes.

These fungus tenants are one of the most dangerous , since normally when we detect them it is usually too late to recover the plant.


  • 1 Locate your rosebush in full sun
  • 2 Do not wet leaves or flowers
  • 3 Control the risks
  • 4 Fertilize from spring to late summer

Locate your rosebush in full sun

Rosebush, placed in full sun

Fungi favor shady environments, so one way to prevent them in our rose bushes is by placing them in an area exposed to the sun, outside . In this way, we will also get them to produce a greater number of flowers during almost the whole year, which will allow us to have the garden or patio full of life and color.

Do not wet leaves or flowers

The rosebush is a plant that needs a lot of water; yes, not as much as an aquatic one. To prevent it from burning, or losing leaves and/or flowers prematurely, never water from above , because if we do, the fungi will soon appear and damage it.

Control the risks

The frequency of irrigation must change throughout the year : while in summer we will have to water more since the land dries quickly, in winter we will have to water less on the contrary. Having these two “peaks” and knowing a little about the climate of our area, we will be able to know more or less when to water depending on the season.

For example, where I live during the hottest season I water almost every day, but in the coldest season I do it once a week or every ten days. As summer approaches, I give them water more frequently, but when the winter season approaches, the waterings are spaced out.

Fertilize from spring to late summer

guano powder fertilizer

Guano powder.

For the rosebush to have much more strength, it must be fertilized throughout the growing and flowering season . Depending on where you live, it can end in late summer or fall. If the weather is mild, it could flower even in winter, so you could also fertilize a little in that season.

We will use specific fertilizers for rose bushes that we will find for sale in nurseries, or we will fertilize them with organic fertilizers , such as guano .

With these tips, your rose bushes will surely not have to worry about fungi.

How to prevent fungus in rosebush

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