How to protect plants from the wind

When we live in an area where the winds blow strongly at some time of the year, or if we have plants in a very exposed corner, we will have to protect them in some way, since otherwise their leaves and/or branches would be damaged.

Since we don’t want that to happen, we are going to offer you tips on how to protect plants from the wind .


  • 1 anti-frost fabric
  • 2 Greenhouse
  • 3 Windbreak hedge

anti-frost fabric

Placement of the anti-frost fabric

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The anti-frost fabric is a thermal mesh that, in addition to protecting against hail and ice, creates a warm microclimate by absorbing heat from the ground . In this way, even if the wind blows a lot and/or it is very cold, during the winter we will not have to worry about anything.

With it we can cover both large plants, such as those that we have in a pot on the balcony or terrace.

Greenhouseplastic greenhouse

Young and exotic plants will need special protection if they are grown in regions where the climate does not favor them. For this reason, it is very important to protect them, either inside the house, with plastic or by placing them inside a greenhouse . So that the wind does not blow them away, we can support the greenhouse with stakes anchored in the ground . We put one in each corner, and then we join them with a rope or wire that goes from one stake to another.

Thus, the plants will surely arrive in the spring safe and sound.

windbreak hedge

cypress hedges

If we want to protect the plants from the wind and in the process get a much better decorated and private garden, there is nothing like creating a hedge. For the case at hand, we recommend using conifers , since they generally have denser foliage than the rest of the plants; however, we can also choose trees , such as poplars , or shrubs such as oleanders .

How to protect plants from the wind

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