Tips to enjoy gardening

Gardening is an art . An art that allows you to learn little by little, at your own pace. Plants, in general, are not in a hurry, with the exception of herbaceous plants and some trees. Even so, if you want to grow them, you have to respect their time scale, and provide them with the care they need in each season of the year.

Enjoying gardening can seem a bit complicated when you first enter this world, but by following these tips, it will surely be much, much easier .


  • 1 Choose plants suitable for your area and climate
  • 2 Buy some basic tools
  • 3 Be patient
  • 4 Look for plant information on the Internet

Choose plants suitable for your area and climate

Plants in terracotta pot

A mistake that we all make (some, more than once and twice) is buying plants that are either too big for the place where we want to put them, or are too cold or, on the contrary, hot for the climate we have. How to avoid it?

The ideal is to go and buy the plants at the nurseries in our area and choose those that are being grown outside the greenhouses . Thus, we will make sure to acquire those that really withstand the weather. If we have doubts about the size they will acquire as adults, we will ask those in charge.

Buy some basic tools

gardening gloves

Every gardener, regardless of the number of plants you have, is going to need some basic tools and supplies. They are the following:

  • Gardening gloves : for the work to be clean, they will be very useful.
  • Watering can : I recommend buying the 5l one, since it allows you to water several plants at once.
  • Pots : they can be made of plastic or clay. We will choose those that we like the most depending on our budget.
  • Doser : very practical when we have to treat the plants with an insecticide or we want to fertilize them with liquid fertilizers.
  • Substrate : essential for plants to grow. 
  • Fertilizer : during the spring and summer we have to pay them. 

Be patient

Person watering with metal watering can

As we mentioned, plants live on their own time scale. We will be observing them daily and little by little we will know when they grow, when they bloom, when they are hibernating, etc. In addition, daily observation allows any sign of pest or disease to be detected in time , which is very important to recover them.

Likewise, we will have to provide them with the care they need and when they need it . We will have to water them, in general, two or three times a week in summer and a little less the rest of the year; and fertilize them throughout the growing season. Also, from time to time we will have to transplant them to a larger pot so that they can continue their development.

Search for plant information on the Internet

Galanthus nivalis in flower

Today the Internet is one of the most useful and interesting tools to learn more about, not only gardening, but any subject. To enjoy plants more, it is highly recommended, precisely, to look for information about them , either in blogs or forums, from where we can also have the possibility of contacting someone who lives near where we are.

With these tips, enjoying gardening will be easier.

Tips to enjoy gardening

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