Why not buy plants in winter

If we live in an area where winter temperatures drop below ten degrees, buying plants during this season entails taking several important risks. And it is that, the change to which we subject them can cause many problems, to the point that they could weaken so much that it would be difficult for them to sprout when the weather improves.

But why not buy plants in winter? To learn more about this topic, we encourage you to continue reading.

The plants that we find in nurseries are exposed to environmental conditions that are surely not the same as those that they will have in our home, especially if we talk about the so-called indoor plants that are inside the greenhouse. We have to think that, even if our home is a few meters from the establishment, everything will be new for the species we are going to acquire : the location, the temperature, the care, everything.

In addition, we cannot forget that during the winter plants do not generally grow , they only stay alive by carrying out the basic functions of respiration, transpiration and photosynthesis, at a very, very slow rate. Any change can harm them at any time of the year, but when temperatures are so low the risk is even greater. In fact, it is not surprising that the leaves turn brown/black quickly and that the flowers, if any, abort.

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For all these reasons, if we still really want to buy a plant and we can’t wait, it will always be better if the plant has been kept outdoors for at least a year . If it is in a greenhouse and we take it home, it is very possible that it will not survive unless we have it near a heat source in a room where there is a lot of natural light and we water it only when the soil is dry with warm water. .

So, to avoid unnecessary risks, I highly recommend waiting for spring to do your shopping

Why not buy plants in winter

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