Write down these tips for orchards and get excellent harvests

In recent times, organic food is getting the popularity it deserves. To be able to enjoy it, however, it is not necessary to go to a store or a supermarket where they sell it, but we can plant it in our garden, take care of it and harvest it when the time comes .

In order to enjoy the experience even more, we recommend you follow these tips for gardens .


  • 1 Know your garden
  • 2 Do not plant more than you can
  • 3 Seeds or seedlings?
  • 4 Install the irrigation system
  • 5 Pay with homemade products
  • 6 Treat plants with ecological remedies

know your garden

Clay floor

This is the most important thing, the first thing to do. You have to know what type of soil you have, its texture, its composition, its pH , etc., since depending on how it is, you can grow some plants or others. But don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it seems. 

Don’t plant more than you can fit

tomato orchard

Space is limited. When you go to buy the seeds or seedlings , it is necessary that you know the dimensions that they will have once they are adults , since this way you will be able to determine how much land they need and, therefore, how many specimens fit in your garden.

Seeds or seedlings?

chili seeds

It will depend on your experience growing plants and how rushed you are to harvest them. If it is the first time that you are going to have a garden, we recommend that you do it with already grown seedlings, because you will only have to plant them in the ground and start taking care of them. On the other hand, if you have experience or if you feel like sowing the seeds more, we recommend doing it in a seed tray to have more control over them.

Install the irrigation system

drip irrigation

Whether you have a flowerpot-garden or a garden on the ground, it is convenient that you install an irrigation system that best suits your needs and the number of plants you have . 

Pay with homemade products

Fertilize your plants with eggshells

At home we tend to throw away many things that plants can take advantage of, such as egg and banana peels, tea bags that have already been used, or old vegetables . For this reason, in addition to paying with the organic fertilizers that they will sell you in the nurseries, you can use these remains so that your horticultural plants grow healthy.

Treat plants with ecological remedies


No matter how hard you try, it will be difficult to protect plants from all pests and diseases . Even so, you can always make use of home remedies to prevent the problem from escalating.

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Write down these tips for orchards and get excellent harvests

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