Day: 2022-09-19

How do you know if the seeds are going to germinate?

If you are one of those who enjoys sowing seeds, you probably like to know in advance how many will germinate, right? It would be very good to know for sure, but unfortunately that, today, is impossible. But … (there is always a but) yes that you can do a few things to get more or […]

The 8 Types of seeds

There are a great variety of plants in the world, and also, many types of seeds. These are the last great work of the evolution of plant beings, since in small structures all the genetic information is concentrated that will make them, if they germinate, become trees, shrubs, palms, herbs, cacti, succulents, … or etcetera. […]

How to plant cucumber step by step

Cucumber is a very fast growing plant that also produces fruits with an exquisite flavor. In addition, it is very healthy and nutritious, since it has anti-inflammatory properties and is perfect for maintaining the ideal weight; And that’s not to mention that thanks to the vitamin B it has, your cells can stay healthy. If […]

What are samaras and how are they planted?

There are many types of fruits, depending on the plant in question and the evolutionary strategy it has followed. Thus, we know that there are some that can weigh several kilos, and others that are so light that they can be held with a single finger, such as samaras. The samaras are produced by trees […]

When and how to plant pine nuts?

If you are one of those who would like to have a stone pine in your garden, and also have room for it, do not hesitate to plant pine nuts. Watching them germinate and grow is a very nice experience, because not only do they have a high germination rate (that is, practically all the […]

How to Plant Cotton

The cotton plant is a herb or shrub – it depends on the species – that has been cultivated in hot and temperate climates for a long time. In addition to being very useful in the textile industry, it produces such beautiful flowers that you can have a beautiful patio and / or garden. But […]

What is anemocoria?

Once the seeds have completed their development they have only just begun their life. Now, they have to move away from their parents (or parent, if it comes from a hermaphroditic plant) in order to germinate and, then yes, take root. But there are several ways to get to other places, and each species of […]

3 methods of seed germination

If you want to accelerate the germination of your plants, you can apply some home methods that promise good results. They are easy to do, although in certain cases you have to be very vigilant so that they do not spoil. Whether you are a collector or not, it is likely that on some occasion you […]

How to make seedbeds?

The seedbeds are ideal to have the seeds controlled in the same place, and thus be able to know how many and on what dates they germinate. In addition, they allow you to perform treatments, if necessary, against microorganisms that can easily damage them, such as fungi; and even protect them from herbivorous animals that […]

When and how to plant seeds of carnivorous plants?

Carnivorous plants are most curious. Both children and adults are amazed to see that their leaves are not the typical ones that other plants have, but that they have become more sophisticated traps. Although I’m not going to fool you, it is common that when you buy one … you end up with a few […]

The seedbeds: Types and Advantages

Are you going to sow? If you like to grow your plants from scratch, that is, since they are seeds, it is very interesting to have things on hand that can serve as a seedbed. For example, the yogurt cups, but they exist commercial alternatives which can be highly recommended, especially those that maintain the temperature for winter. […]

Development and Growth of a Tree

How to start this article? I am going to do it to honor a plant as spectacular as the tree. These beings that, apparently immobile, carry with them a little universe, a world in which insects of all kinds live with it, in which the wind helps the leaves to fall in autumn so that the trunk […]

7 fast growing seeds for kids

Gardening is not a world for adults only; in fact, if you have children, nephews and / or grandchildren, you can get them to learn and above all have a lot of fun sowing seeds and taking care of them so that they grow up healthy. But yes, we all know that patience is a […]

How to germinate seeds at home with recycled things?

Bored at home? Are you convinced that during isolation you cannot do any gardening tasks at all? If you have answered yes to either of these two questions, let me tell you something: put on some gloves, it’s time to sow. Seriously, it’s an order (more like a recommendation). The body needs to move, and […]

How to plant Blueberry Seeds

The blueberry plant is not only easy to care for but also has very interesting medicinal properties, since it is our best ally to prevent and / or cure urine infections and strengthen the health of the kidneys. For this reason, sowing its seeds is a magnificent experience that, without a doubt, will be of […]

How to sow the hazelnut fruit?

Hazelnut is a fruit tree that produces delicious fruits: hazelnuts. They are very nutritious, since they are also rich in vitamins and minerals. But, as if that were not enough, they germinate very easily, so much so that you will only need a pot, substrate and water. So if you want to have a copy, […]

Marijuana seeds: types, planting and more

Marijuana is a plant that can be hated, and also adored. But what no one can argue is that it reproduces by seeds, seeds that are obtained through pollination, that is, the transfer of pollen from male or female flowers to others of a different gender. This is what is known as sexual reproduction, a […]

What is seed scarification?

In nature, habitat conditions favor seed germination, but sometimes in cultivation need a little extra help to be able to wake up. To do this, there are several methods that we can use, depending on the characteristics of the seed itself and the species to which it belongs. One of them is the seed scarification. This word may […]

Orchid multiplication by seeds

Orchids aroused special interest in Europe during the last century, to such an extent that some specimens were sold for gold by collectors. Professionals and scientists of the time could not multiply them fast enough to meet the high demand. Even today there are many doubts about how is the multiplication of the orchid by seeds among […]

How to Create Auxins to Stimulate Sprout Growth

When a seed germinates, crosses the layer of earth and manages, with its small sprout, to go outside, a difficult process begins for it with a single objective: to grow. For this, it needs all the nutrients that the soil can provide, but, many times, potted soils are not rich enough for them and an […]

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