Month: December 2022

Plant protection against cold and frost

Substrate padding When temperatures they drop from 6thwe must take certain precautions to avoid or minimize damage to our plants. The roots of a potted plant are more sensitive to cold than the roots of a plant in the ground, since they are sheltered deep underground. At risk of frostWe will not sow or transplant, […]

Recycled pots and original places to plant

How fantastic is the land. I begin to understand, and to share, the veneration for her of ancient cultures. It’s like magic: you sow, pour water, and it feeds you. As simple as that. That easy. And if later you provide the waste generated by the food, you close a perfect circle. It’s that simple […]

Why do trees change color in autumn?

Red, orange, yellow, ocher … and even blue and purple. The chromatic variety of the nature in autumn provides us with unique images, with a diversity of colors and tones that seem to integrate you into a retouched painting or photograph. The trees in autumn They have a whole color palette in their leaves, previously […]

Cabbages: sowing and germination | Gardening On

Red cabbage seedlings ready for transplanting Fall and winter is season of cabbage. Being one of the vegetables very resistant to cold, its sowing schedule lengthens in time. And now in Novemberbefore the first frosts, it’s a good time for sowing and germination of potted cabbages. The cabbage or cabbage (Brassica oleraceae) is a vegetable […]

Plants for the bathroom | Gardening On

Do you have plants in the bathroom? I do, I love that there are plants throughout the house. And also in the bathroom, why not? But all species are not suitable for him. We need plants that withstand humidity and heat well. And depending on whether or not you have natural light, you will need […]

Measurements of the pots for each crop

One of the doubts that arise when starting a new crop is the final pot size for the correct development of the vegetable in question. I am going to provide you with an orientation table of requirements of each vegetable. I hope it is useful to you. It indicates the volume and measurements of the […]

Poinsettia: symptoms, pests and diseases

And we continue with the poisentia, Poinsettia o Christmas plant. Our goal: its survival and development to enjoy it again next year. After Poinsettia: how to survive Christmas y Poinsettia: care after Christmas, today we bring you the latest installment of this miniseries, with the symptoms of plagues and diseases that may affect our red […]

Natural Christmas Tree: Survival Options

Araucaria Excelsa What is more ecological, a natural christmas tree or artificial? Difficult answer. There are different opinions on this. What is true, as is the case with Poinsettia, is that we often use living beings, such as the Christmas tree, as if they were inert decorative objects. We subject them to totally adverse conditions […]

Ecological Christmas tree | Gardening On

Recycled wood tree Natural or artificial Christmas tree? we wondered yesterday. We did a review of the natural option, analyzing the different possibilities for the little tree. If, on the contrary, we decided on the artificial one, we opted not to subject the tree to some Adverse conditions that give you little guarantee of survival, […]

How To Make Seed Sprouts

Electric germinator Soy, alfalfa, lentils, red cabbage, radishes, chickpeas, broccoli, peas … germinated they offer us a huge variety of delicious sprouts, which also have beneficial properties to health. But can we make them at home? Of course. We take advantage of seeds that we collect (or we directly use pea, chickpea, lentils …) and […]

Christmas plants: mistletoe | Gardening On

It is common to see on these dates on the doors or their lintels twigs of mistletoe. An ancient Christmas tradition says it will bring the happiness to the house where you are and love and fertility to couples who kiss under its branches. The truth is that tradition has meant that this species has […]

How to check the humidity level of the substrate

There are pots that tell you when to water When we talk about the needs of irrigation of a plant, many times we say or read that of “checking the humidity of the substrate.” But how do we check it? There are different means that tell us if the plant needs water. Applying them is […]

Potted Vegetable Crop Calendar: January

In January we sowed the first pepper seedlings Happy New Year! We release 2013 with a new crop calendar. January It is a cold month and if there are frosts or even temperatures below 6º, we will not be able to do direct sowing or transplants abroad. But, nevertheless, it is a great moment to […]

Planting and growing garlic in flowerpot

«Day that passes in January, garlic that loses the ajero». December y Januarywith the coldest temperatures, these are the best months for plantar garlic. Although in pots it is possible to plant them throughout the year, as soon as a warmer climate emerges in February, garlic that loses the ajero, come on, that our sowing […]

Sansevieria, a plant with little care

The sansevieria It is a plant that belongs to the family of the cactus and very appropriate for those who are new to gardening or cannot dedicate too much time to it, given its high adaptability since hardly requires care. It is very resistant to the lack of irrigation and light and to the attack […]

Anti-stress plants to have in the office

A study carried out two years ago by the Royal Agricultural College of Cirencester, England, indicates that in those places decorated with plants environmental quality and physical and psychological health are improved of people. The study assures that in a room where there are plants, the inattention of the students and workers present is reduced […]

Difference between perennial and perennial plants

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a vivacious plant and a perennial? Today we are going to respond to this concern. The main difference between a perennial plant and a perennial is that the vivacious one withers in winter but in the spring, it sprouts again. On the other hand, the perennial […]

How to Treat Geranium Conditions

It is highly recommended to get to know the ills that our plants can suffer in order to tackle the problems before they spread to more specimens in the garden. In fact, good gardeners know how to interpret the evils of your plants just by noticing a change in your usual appearance. Today we will […]

How to repel pests and insects from plants

A good help for control pests and parasites that may affect the plants in our garden is to use aromatic herbs. It is a ecological tool It does not pollute and that although it is not 100 percent effective, it is a great help to ward off unwanted intruders in our plants and will also […]

Transplant in pots | Gardening On

Unlike plants that grow on land, plants potted plants they must be transplanted so that they can achieve good development. But how do we find out what is the right time to perform the pot transplant? The inside plants they have to be transplanted as soon as the pot becomes small. The signs that betray […]

tips for buying trees | Gardening On

As we know, trees are our great friends and that is why many of us wish we had one at home. When you go to buy a tree You can take into account the following tips to take care of them and give them a long life. First of all, it is important to consider […]

What are succulent plants | Gardening On

Our succulent plantsare also known as “Succulents” because collect water on their stems, leaves, or roots which allows them to live without fluids for a long time. Succulents are a subspecies that belongs to different families such as Cactaceae, Crassulaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Agavaceaeamong others, and which we will discuss in detail later. Succulent plants that […]

Advantages of ornamental shrubs | Gardening On

The bushes are characterized mainly by their size, that is to say they have a height that does not usually exceed 3 meters. They are very valuable plants because they have many uses and do not take up as much space as a tree. Another important characteristic of these species is that they are branched […]

Tips for planting shrubs in your garden

Shrubs are good allies to add green to your garden. That is why you should take them into account when designing your green space. Although some shrubbery They come with the bare root, most of them are bought in plastic pots, depending on the place or nursery where they are acquired. At the time of […]

Irrigation and fertilization of cacti and other succulents

The cultivation of succulent plants It is not complicated and that is why many choose to have them in their gardens. However, you always have to know what each species needs. When you go to buy the plant, it is necessary to inspect it very well for cottony root rots. If you wish to plant […]

The magic of creepers or creepers

Our climbing plants, vines, or climbing shrubs they are a most interesting and useful plant species. They are so called because they do not stand upright by themselves, but need a support to climb, such as a wall or a rock. How do they adhere? Well, through its tendril-like organs or through roots or suckers. […]

Calendula: Description, uses and care

The Marigold it is an annual plant commonly known as Maravilla. This plant produces beautiful flowers with very bright colors such as yellow or orange. The flowering Calendula lasts most of the year: for months this beautiful plant delights us with its beautiful flowers, some have not yet withered and new ones are already emerging! […]

Chinese Lantern: Description and properties

The tomatoes They are originally from South America although not all of them come from there. There is a variety of tomatoes, which are different from these from their origins to their shape. This variety is called Physalis Alkekengi but is known more as Chinese lantern or Alquequenje. As its name indicates, its origin is […]

Indoor plant care | Gardening On

Have you ever wondered why many inside plants die quickly? Much of the answer is in the nature of the environment. With a few exceptions, most indoor plants need humid environments to grow and survive healthily. Unfortunately, in places with hot or very cold climates, air conditioners and heaters do not help plants much. Other […]

Difference between Petunia and Surfinia

Petunias and Surfinias are two plants that can be perfectly confused. Both plants are the same, since one is a hybrid of the other. Both are characterized by having an abundant flowering, from spring to autumn. In addition, its leaves are green, small, somewhat sticky and hairy. We can find flowers of all colors, from […]

Nocturnal plants | Gardening On

Most plants bloom in spring. The heat arrives and the plants wake up from their lethargy, dazzling us with beautiful flowers. However, not all of them delight us with their beauty in daylight. There are plants whose flowers sthey open at nightfall. How is it possible? The sun is not everything for plants, but pollinators […]

Uses of palm trees | Gardening On

Image – AB Landscaping Do you want decorate your garden with palms? Good decision because its large leaves are always attractive to the eye. Well then, the best thing then will be to know some details of this species. The palms They are classified into two groups according to the leaf: the first are called […]

Drying of aromatic or medicinal plants

Our aromatic plants They are usually used dry for use in infusions or in food as a condiment. If we have plants grown at home or we have the possibility of getting them from the field, we can carry out a home drying. Some plants such as thyme, bay leaf, chamomile or lavender must be […]

The nut tree: The Walnut

With spring the fruits begin to ripen. The fruit trees They are filled with green fruits that little by little we see how they mature until we can enjoy their flavor. The dried fruit treesThey also begin to form their fruit, so that when the cold arrives we can eat them. The Quite It is […]

Money plant | Gardening On

In these times of crisis, we can only rely on good luck. Therefore, the money plant is one of those indoor plants suitable to have at home especially at this time. They say that where there is a money plant, there will be money. It may be true or it may just be a way […]

Succulent plants for gardens | Gardening On

Many people do not have plants in their garden because they believe that they require great care, fertilization, watering, etc. However, there are plants whose cares are so minimalwhich are ideal for this type of person who does not have enough time to spend all day in the garden. I am referring to the calls […]

Trunk Care of Brazil or Dracena

There is a genus of indoor plants that come from Asia and Africa. These plants are the Dracenas or trunks of Brazil. They are a species of palm trees that can reach a maximum height of 130 centimeters and a minimum of 40 centimeters. It is very common to find these types of plants in […]

Coleus Care | Gardening On

We are used to enjoying the wonderful colors of flowers, however, the ColeoIt is a beautiful plant that stands out without a doubt, due to the color of its leaves. These are very showy, with colors ranging from passion red to bright pink to purple and brown. In addition, they have a green jagged shape […]

Trees for a small garden

In the gardens of the houses there should always be some kind of tree. If the garden is small, then the tree It must be consistent with the space where it is going to be developed. For small gardens, we can use climbing trees such as the Pasionaria. This shrub can be placed at the […]

Convolvulus and its care | Gardening On

Convolvulus are a family than 200 species of plants, many of them creepers. They can be annual or perennial. They are plants with leaves oval, generally small. The flowers have a bell or trumpet shape that open in the heat and in full sun, since in the shade or at night, the plant closes these […]

Plants that reproduce by suckers

Plants can be play in many ways, through seeds, cuttings, etc. Another very simple method is through young. This is based on the fact that there are plants that produce other equal but smaller plants at the ends of their leaves, such as the Cinta. In another case, if they do not come from the […]

Living stones | Gardening On

Nature is wonderful. There are very surprising plants of all kinds. There are some cactus that can be confused with stones. These cacti are the Lithops. These have an oval shape, which do not reach 5 centimeters in height. They have colors similar to stones, that is, grayish and greenish colors. They are made up […]

How to make a kokedama

Do you know what a kokedama? They are plants that are very fashionable and are born from a Japanese technique that allows the specimens to live in a bag of moss without the need for a flowerpot. The kokedama is done with inside plants And you can do it yourself with some patience and a […]

Clivia Care | Gardening On

We are in summer and recently, in spring We were able to enjoy the flowers of the beautiful Clivia. It is a plant that arises from a bulb and that is usually used in patios or in portals. It is a plant that does not require great care but that if it is given what […]

Recommended Plants for Sunny Gardens

I have a terraced balcony very large, on the top floor of a building located on a very sunny corner, without the shelter of neighboring buildings and trees. It is an ideal place to have a urban garden Due to its generous surface area but sometimes it brings me problems because due to the intensity […]

Plants that support the lack of light

We know that plants need light in order to survive. However, there are some that are very resistant and tough, so the lack of sunlightit does not end them. Some of these plants are the Sanseviera, the Potos, the Fitonia and the Fern. The Sansevieria It is an indoor plant that withstands any type of […]

Influence of the moon on plants II

We have already seen the influence of the Moon phases in plants, but now we are going to analyze what to do in gardening according to the moon phase in which we are. Of course, the month also affects, depending on whether it is hot or not. New Moon: When we are in this lunar […]

Collect flower seeds | Gardening On

We have bought plants from season but we know that when winter comes they will no longer be there. When this happens, we have two options, let them lose and have to buy seeds again the following summer or collect the seeds of the plants that we have. The second option seems more viable, therefore, […]

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