11 resistant outdoor plants for terraces that you should know

There are times when, either because you live in a very sunny place, or on the contrary, in a very cold one, you have the problem that any plant that you put on the terrace ends up succumbing. And despite your efforts, you can’t make them survive. But do you know what there is resistant outdoor plants for terraces?

If you are tired of having a boring and bland terrace and want to give other plants the opportunity, these are going to be good choices and you will only have to take care of their maintenance to get them to succeed. Do not miss it!


resistant outdoor plants for terraces

Also known as Clematis, it is a plant that has 300 different specieswhich already tells you that it is capable of adapting to any climate change.

Although it is not a perennial plant, it does maintain its size for a little over half a year, blooming from spring to fall. It is quite dark green with flowers with very open petals that can be of different colors.


Boxwood, one of the best resistant outdoor plants for terraces

Did you know that boxwood is able to withstand low temperatures? We are talking about -20 degrees and it will still be perfect. In summer it is also able to withstand high temperatures, over 30-40 degrees, which makes it one of the resistant outdoor plants for terraces.

It is perennial, which will always look perfect on your terrace and does not need much watering. I go out in the summer season. In addition, grown in a pot will allow you control its growth and trim it to your liking.


Bamboo is an unknown outdoor plant

Although bamboo is one of the least used resistant outdoor plants for terraces, you should know that it is very resistant, although extreme temperatures can put it in a tight spot. But you know that tolerates temperatures of -10 degrees.

The good thing about this plant is that they prevent weeds from growing, in addition to covering the terrace from prying eyes. As for its care, it needs a bright place but not with direct sun and an irrigation that provides moisture (as a tropical plant that it is).


Group petunias

Petunia is a flowering plant highly prized for its high resistance. And it is that you can put it in pots or planters and it withstands the summer very well. Yes indeed, in winter you lose it for sure, having to replace it with other flowers.

It blooms in the spring and summer months.


Tapes, resistant outdoor plants for terraces

Perhaps you do not know them by that name but by the scientist, Chlorophytum comosumor ‘bad mothers’. This atypical name is because the stems from which the new shoots emerge, it “expels” them, leaving them hanging.

It is one of the resistant outdoor plants for terraces that it can be in full sun or shade, depending on what you want. In addition, in its roots it stores water, in such a way that if you forget to water it, it will have a reserve to pull it (although this is depleted, keep that in mind).

It is ideal for terraces because it is very leafy and also will not give you much trouble with its maintenance.


Jasmine, outdoor climbing plant

Do you live in a very sunny place? Well, consider as resistant outdoor plants for terraces when jasmine. It is a climbing shrub with more than 200 different species, and some white flowers that emanate a very characteristic smell (And pleasant).

It does not require great care although you do have to be aware of it so that it has all the needs covered.


Ivy, climbing plant

Similar to jasmine, because it is also a climber, it is a plant that you can put in the sun or in the shade that will not feel that it is missing anything. It grows quite fast but if you want it to be leafy then you will have to always prune it in early spring and check that it has good drainage.

Some consider ivy an invasive species (especially some of the 15 known species) so, if you have more plants, you will have to control that it does not grow too large or invade the territory of other plants.


Daisies, resistant outdoor plants for terraces

Thinking about resistant outdoor plants for terraces leads us to imagine daisies. They are very resistant to the sun and do not need great care. You they like hot climates and they will only need you to water them a little in winter and a little more in summer.

As for its flowering, in temperate climates it can adapt to give flowers all year round, but it is normal in spring and summer.


Geranium, one of the best outdoor plants

If there is a typical Spanish plant, then that is the geranium. It is one of the best known and most appreciated resistant plants for the terrace, especially in the south. It is perfect to have it on balconies and terraces and the best of all is that, If you take good care of it, you will have flowers throughout the year. And these are highly appreciated, especially for their fragrance.

It is very easy to reproduce, both by seeds and cuttings.

As for her care, it is a bit “complicated” to know what she needs at all times, but once you get hold of her you are going to enjoy her for a long, long time.


Rose bush, outdoor plants

Rose bushes are very resistant outdoor plants to summer, but also to winter. They need a lot of sunlight and can withstand both heat and cold. The only thing they will need is that you water them often in summer, and somewhat less in winter.

Yes, You will only be able to enjoy the flowers in spring and summerbecause in winter, unless you live in an area with a temperate climate and the plant adapts, it will not flower and only a few stems will remain. But as spring comes it will wake up and start to sprout.


Pansies, hardy outdoor plants for terraces

Pansy is one of the plants that is sown in October-November (in the fall season) and blooms in winter. Which already makes you see that you are facing one of the resistant outdoor plants for terraces at that time.

Lo The only thing you need is a very sunny place so that you can withstand the low temperatures. In return, it will offer you flowers with bright colors that will make them stand out from other plants.

There are many more resistant outdoor plants for the terrace, do you recommend some more for readers to consider?

11 resistant outdoor plants for terraces that you should know

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