12 Plants for bathrooms perfect for that room

Almost always in homes the places where we place the plants are the living room, terraces, balcony, gardens, windows … But have you ever thought about plants for bathrooms? Believe it or not, that room may also be decorated with a plant; you just have to choose a suitable one.

And is that the bathroom is a place where temperature and humidity are very beneficial conditions for some plants. Do you want to know which ones you can place in your bathroom and thus make it warmer?


Spatifilo plants for bathrooms

This plant is one of the easiest to find in stores. It is a flower that live well above 18 degrees, with what in the bathroom you will not have any problem. It does not need much light and the only thing is that the drafts do not suit it.

In addition, it is an air purifier, which is a great advantage.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera plants for baths

Another of the plants for bathrooms that you can consider is the aloe vera, which will not only decorate, but if you burn yourself, if you have dry skin, or any ailment in it, you could cut one of its branches and take out the gel inside to apply it to your body.

It hardly needs water and the humidity in the bathroom is perfect for nourishing.


The potos plant is a climber

The pothos hardly need light or watering. Therefore, in the bathroom it can be perfectly. Also, if the poto does not have a guide you can put it in a high place for branches to fall from above and create a very natural effect.

If in your bathroom you do have the possibility of giving it a little light, do so, because the leaves will change to a yellow tone.



If you are one of those who follows the teachings of Feng Shui, then you will know that bamboo is one of the most recommended plants for bathrooms. To do this, you must place it in a place where it is reflected in the mirror.

As for its care, it does not need much sun, and the water vapor will help it hydrate, in addition to watering it from time to time, of course.


plants for bathrooms

Another of the plants for bathrooms that recommends Feng Shui is this. Will help balance energies by loss of water that occurs in the bathrooms. As for your needs, it doesn’t require much.

It likes to live in humid environments, it does not require excessive watering or sun.



This plant with a strange name is not as well known as the previous ones, but it is still very beautiful. It is a tropical plant that does not need much care.

Its natural habitat is that of tropical forests and wetlands, so the bath, which is humid, is perfect for it. Now, what you are going to need is a little indirect light to develop well, so if you don’t have a window you may have a problem surviving you. Nor does he like the cold.


Orchids: care when flowers fall

Can you imagine placing an orchid in the bathroom? Well, you know that it is one of his natural places because it gives him the heat he needs and the environmental humidity that he likes so much.

Of course, it will require indirect light. But you can choose to put orchids that do not require much light, such as draculae or aerangis, which are ideal for a bathroom.



In this case we recommend a tropical plant again. It is said that it is the most resistant there is so it is perfect for both inexperienced hands and for a bath. Why? Well, because it doesn’t need much care and you can “forget” about it from time to time.

You just have to give it a watering from time to time. Yes, there is one thing he needs most abundantly: the sun. So if your bathroom has a window where the sun shines for many hours, you have to put this plant.


Peperomia plants for bathrooms

Not all bathrooms have the characteristics of having a window, and especially a window to the outside. For this reason, it is common for plants to be chosen that do not really need sunlight to develop properly.

That is what happens to the peperomia, a small plant that has many varieties (You can find species with different leaves, sizes and colors). Since it doesn’t need a lot of light, and watering does one a week well, it’s one of the bathroom plants you can consider.

Carnation of the air

Carnation of the air

This exotic name refers to the tillandsia, plants that can be planted on the ground or suspended, upside down, in the air. Their care goes through having a humid environment, from which they feed by absorbing it through the leavesas well as a little light.

It can be curious to place them in the bathroom, coming down from the ceiling, as if they were small natural lamps.



This plant is one of the most classic for bathrooms. And it is that it has been used in them since the end of the XNUMXth century because it hardly needs water or sun and gives a special touch to the bathrooms.

This one in particular can be placed in the bathrooms with or without window. Its watering is only necessary once a week but, if the humidity in the bathroom is abundant (for example because many of you use it) it may be good to extend it to once every week and a half.



La dieffenbachia This plant is one of the usual ones in living rooms, house entrances or even in corridors. But perhaps you have never considered that you can also place it in the bathroom.

The warm temperature that the bathrooms give, together with the humidity of these, becomes the perfect environment to have it. Also, as does not need much sun, Because it adapts to the shade, it can be used for bathrooms that do not have a window or do not get enough light through it.

There are many bathroom plant options to choose from. Now you just have to see which plants are the ones that attract your attention the most and we recommend that you read about it and the care it requires before making the final decision. This way you will know how to give it everything the plant needs for it to develop correctly. Which one will you choose?

12 Plants for bathrooms perfect for that room

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