8 Easy-Care Large Pot Plants

Do you have large pots and want to use them to place plants? The truth is that they can be very good in a patio, or even in a garden, since they serve you not only to decorate the area but also to delimit paths or walks, as well as the different areas that there are.

So, if you want to know which are the plants for large pots that you can grow outdoors without any problem, we recommend you take a look at the ones we have selected for this purpose.

Maple palmate (Japanese maple)

The Japanese maple is a deciduous shrub or tree

El japanese maple It is a deciduous shrub or tree that grows, depending on the variety, from 1 to 10 meters in height

. To grow in a large pot, we recommend the ‘Little Princess’ that does not exceed one meter, the ‘Orange Dream’ (3 meters), ‘Shishigashira’ (3-4 meters) or the ‘Katsura’ (5 meters). They all have palmate leaves that change color as the seasons go by.

They need shade, acidic soil, and moderate watering. They resist cold and frost very well; in fact they hold up to -18ºCbut they are hurt by extreme heat. In addition, in places where the relative humidity is low, the leaves dry out.

Buxus sempervirens (Boxwood)

Boxwood is a good shrub to have in a large pot

El buoy It is an evergreen tree that has small green leaves. If it grows in the ground, it can be up to 12 meters high, but it resists pruning very well.. For this reason, it is one of the most recommended plants to grow in large pots, since you can form it as a shrub or as a tree.

But it is important that it is grown in a sunny place, with soil that drains water well. Also, if you want to prune it, you have to do it at the end of winter. Resists up to -12ºC.

Callistemon citrinus (Pipe cleaners)

The pipe cleaner is an evergreen shrub or tree ideal for large pots

El pipe cleaner or brush tree It is a shrub with the shape of a tree that reaches a height of 1-1,5 meters in height. It has small, green leaves, but without a doubt it is its inflorescences that attract the most attention: they are red, and have the shape of a tube cleaner, which is what gives one of the common names. It blooms in spring and summer.

It is a plant that needs direct sun, and that withstands frosts down to -4ºC. It resists a little drought, but since it is going to be kept in a pot it is important that it be watered a couple of times a week in summer, and less the rest of the year.

Dimorphotheca (Dimorphotheca ecklonis)

The dimorfoteca is a perennial herb

The Dimorphotheque or Cape Daisy it is a perennial herb that grows up to 1 meter in height for about the same diameter. It is a plant that grows wonderfully in large pots, producing many daisy-like flowers in spring and summer. These are white, orange, or lilac, and arise at the top of the stems.

She is very appreciative and adaptable. But you have to put it in a sunny place. For the rest, water it from time to time and, if you consider it necessary, prune it at the end of the summer. Resists up to -4ºC.

Forsythia x intermedia (Forsythia)

Forsythia is a shrub that flourishes well in large pots

La forsythia it is a deciduous shrub that usually grows up to 3 meters in heightalthough you can overcome them. But that’s not a problem, as it can be pruned in the fall. The leaves are made up of three leaflets, and the flowers sprout in spring. These are yellow in color and sprout in great numbers.

It grows fast in a pot, and does not need much care. Very well resistant to cold and frost up to -18ºC.

roebellini phoenix (Dwarf palm)

The dwarf palm is perfect for large pots

The dwarf palm It is a plant that grows about 5 meters maximumbut that does not usually exceed 2-3 meters when cultivated. It has a thin trunk only 20 centimeters thick and 1 meter long pinnate leaves.

It tolerates both direct sun and semi-shade, but I do not advise putting it in shade as it will not grow as well. Withstands frosts down to -2ºC.

desmetian yucca

Yucca desmetiana is a plant for large pots

The desmetian yucca it is an evergreen plant that reaches a height of 1 meter. It has a trunk from which lanceolate leaves sprout, tipped with a leathery texture, green in color. Its growth rate is slow, but it withstands drought very well, so it is great for growing in large pots and not worrying too much about it.

It must be in a place exposed to the sun, with a light earth that drains the water well. It supports weak frosts down to -5ºC, as well as extreme heat (40-45ºC).

A little viburnum (Durillo)

Durillo is a shrub that can be grown in pots

El Lauristinus It is an evergreen shrub or tree that grows up to 7 meters in height. The leaves are green, ovate-elliptical, and it produces white or more rarely pink flowers throughout the spring. It has a rounded shape, so in a large pot it will look really beautiful.

It grows in full sun and in semi-shade, and tolerates pruning, which will be done only if necessary in late winter. It resists well the frosts down to -14ºC.

Which of these large pot plants did you like the most?

8 Easy-Care Large Pot Plants

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