Caring for aromatic plants in pots

Contrary to what is said, aromatic plants are not easy to care for. Each of them has its own peculiarities, which are not the same as another aromatic plant may have. Therefore, knowing what are the aromatic plant care habitual in the houses can help you to grow healthy and to be able to use them, either in culinary use or in any other.

But how to take care of aromatic plants? What must be considered? Here we give you a small guide so that you know how you should give them all the needs they need depending on the type of plant it is.

Aromatic plants, why are they difficult to grow?

Aromatic plants, why are they difficult to grow?

Do not forget that aromatic plants are outdoor plants, and wild. Imagine that you have a wild cat, it has grown up in the street and you put it inside your house without being able to leave. The most normal thing is that you feel closed and that each time you lose your energy and your happiness, because you cannot do what you want.

In the case of plants, we know that you can plant many of them from seeds, such as parsley, but in their nature they are still outdoor plants and they like to feel that freedom that gives it to grow wild.

That is why, when putting them inside the house, or in pots, it makes, after a few weeks, your plant ends very badly. Why? Well, because it does not have the needs covered, not only in terms of irrigation, sun, temperature … but also some freedom. Do you want to know what care for aromatic plants you have to provide?

Basic aromatic plant care

Basic aromatic plant care

As we have been telling you before, each aromatic plant has peculiarities that differ from others, therefore, there is no general care of aromatic plants, but you have to be aware of each of these plants.

Now, you do have to take into account that there are some aspects that are basic, and that they serve you for all aromatic plants. We tell you:


The location of the aromatic plants is very important due to the subject that we discussed a moment ago. Indoors or in small pots, your plants are going to die because they don’t have the space or the freedom they need. And inevitably, if you do not put a remedy, they will end badly.

Where is it better? Then on terraces and balconies. We would even tell you that placed in large planters, and not too many plants in each of them, it would be much more suitable.

Indoors there are some plants that you can have, but very few. Keep in mind that every plant is outdoor, even if they tell you no when they sell it to you. Therefore, they are always better outside (unless the temperature conditions are not suitable).

To give you an idea, aromatic plants need a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight. But! Not all plants need it directly. There are some who prefer semi-shade; others, who want direct sun; others that with indirect lighting have enough … Therefore, you have to check well which is the best option for your plant depending on which it is.

The flower pot

Now let’s talk about the flowerpot. There are some who think that a small one is enough. Others tell you that the bigger the better. But what is considered small and what is large? Is one better or the other?

You should know that, in general, aromatic plants need pots that have a minimum of 10-15 cm deep. If they are also herbs that are going to be active all year round, you have to choose a pot of at least three liters.

Of course, you have to consider a pot that has good drainage (that is, holes in the base) to let the water out. This way you make sure that the water will not remain stagnant at the bottom, rotting the roots because the soil of the plants is wet all the time.

the substrate

Outdoors, and in wild soils, aromatic plants have all the nutrients they need. But when these are in a pot, regardless of their location, the soil you use is very important because it is the one that will provide the nutrients and will make the plant develop properly.

Now, what is the most suitable substrate? Well, it must have the following characteristics: that it is light, very rich in nutrients, draining.

This can be achieved with a mix of universal substrate, perlite and compost. It is the only thing these plants will need to be perfect day by day, week by week and month by month.

basic tips aromatic herbs


Talking about irrigation has its limitations. And it is that we must begin by telling you that, although among the care of aromatic plants the irrigation in general is periodic, the truth is that each plant will demand more or less water.

What is clear is that you have to water them often, and not like in other places they can tell you that they water little. They need a lot of water, and periodically, but an excess is not good, because it will spoil the roots and cause them to wilt.

There are some who do not tolerate the earth to dry out, such as basil; While others you will need the soil to be drier to water it, such as oregano.

This is why many experts use the substrate trick. If you insert a finger into it and see that it is caked and dry, it is time to water yes or yes. If you put it in and it’s still wet, you’d better wait one more day. The temperature will also influence it. In summer you will have to water much more than in winter.

The subscriber

In the case of aromatic plants, compost is not so necessary; in fact, it is even harmful. Therefore, as far as possible we advise you that, if you are going to use it, that it be only twice a yearand a small amount of this. The best for you? Opt for worm castings.

Keep in mind that these are basic care. The specific and more detailed ones will be given to you by the type of aromatic plant you have. If you are going to buy several, take your time to get to know the plant and what its cares are.

Caring for aromatic plants in pots

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