Meaning of the jasmine flower: characteristics, myths and history

They are one of the most elegant flowers in the garden. In addition to its easy cultivation, they give off an aroma that you will not be able to stop feeling. It is incredible how much a simple flower with six petals can attract us. There is a meaning of the jasmine flower that serves different aspects of life.

You want to know what is the meaning of jasmine flower? Find out with me.

Jasmine characteristics

Jasmine has several meanings

El jasmine it is an evergreen climber ideal for covering dry tree trunks, or low pergolas. It is one of the best candidates for planting in planters together with other plants, since it does not exceed 4m in height and, if you need to keep it even lower, you can do it without problems by pruning it wherever you want.

This is a plant that will not disappoint you, as its beautiful and delicate flowers also have meanings that you will love. They are all positive.

Jasmine flower meaning

The meaning of the jasmine flower is positive

The meaning of the jasmine flower brings to mind the suggestive perfume that this beautiful flower emanates, being its Arabic origin. In ancient reports it is known that the jasmine flower was located in the lower part of the Himalayas and on the banks of the Ganges River, extending to China and India. Jasmine plants are even found throughout Europe.

For example, we can say that it is a very suitable flower to give to a loved one, because with it we will be transmitting our affection. Because of this, it is becoming more and more frequent that bridal bouquets are made with their flowers. It is also the representation of humility, simplicity and sociability.

Jasmine, in any of its colors, will be a more than adequate gift for your loved ones. But, the yellow jasmine will be the most appropriate when you want to congratulate someone who has achieved success in their work, as this is a color that is closely related to professional success as we saw recently.

So, whenever you need to give a flower to someone very special or you are looking to decorate a corner with a simple but very decorative plant, jasmine is a climbing plant with which you will make the right decision.

A Little History

The jasmine flower is associated with elegance

If we go back to ancient times, the first name and that jasmine received within the branch of science known as botany can yasmin. It was later when its name was changed to the current one due to the binomial nomenclature. The meaning of the jasmine flower has a combination of Arabic-Persian meaning white flower or the meaning it has today.

We know that it is a fairly delicate flower that has 5 white petals that makes it look very simple but elegant. One of the main aspects that makes this plant serve so many aspects is its perfume. And it is that a sweet perfume quite coveted comes from its interior. It has also been shown to have various uses in medicine since it works and has antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, relaxing qualities, etc. There are many people who attribute characteristics of an aphrodisiac to it.

For this reason, the meaning of the jasmine flower occupies an important space within Arab mythology. In this mythology it is said that a beautiful young nomad whose name was Jasmine used large amounts of veils to protect herself from the harmful sun rays that are in the desert. A prince belonging to a North African race was fascinated by Jasmine’s beauty as people described her. In order to find out if that woman was real or not, he marched through the desert in search of her. This is when he found her walking among the desert sands and dunes and was able to observe her graceful demeanor.

The bearing was so graceful and reminded him of mythological goddesses and fell madly in love with her, even though she always kept her face covered. The prince proposed to her soon after, and the woman agreed to live in his palace and leave the desert. However, with the passage of time, he realized that he was not from and since he had lost freedom when leaving the desert. For this reason, in one night she escaped mounted on a horse and returned to the desert where she belonged. She opened her arms to the sun and released all the veils that enveloped her. It is then that the sun decided to immortalize it in the beautiful flower that is known today as jasmine.

Moral of the meaning of the jasmine flower

The story we have told has its moral and they enter the meaning of the jasmine flower. The moral is that it leaves the jasmine flower as the freedom that we all have the right to be individual beings. However, the meaning of the jasmine flower does not only remain in this interpretation. For example, in India, this flower is considered sacred since it is an offering to the God of love. It is used to give an offering to the deceased in marriages in the form of garlands and its meaning is happiness, hope and spirituality.

Another of the meanings that this flower has is that it serves to harmonize the sensuality in the couple. It is said that it can help balance all the sexual energies that are transmitted in the couple over time in order to keep the flame of love alive. We see that the meaning of the jasmine flower It is associated with passionate desires since the fragrance is delicate and evokes requests for love. Some legends say that it facilitates the easy entry of money to the person who invokes it. Obviously, these are only legends since there is no scientific basis for it.

Finally, this flower is considered magical since it remains that it has some extraordinary properties from the Himalayas from where it originates. All these stories make the jasmine flower tattoo very popular with people who want to mark lasting memories.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the meaning of the jasmine flower.

Meaning of the jasmine flower: characteristics, myths and history

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