9 flowering plants for pots

There are many plants that produce flowers, but not all can be grown in containers. If you are looking for the most recommended ones, those that will grow wonderfully in a pot placed on the balcony, or on your terrace, you just have to take a look at the list of species that we will show you below.

Getting a colorful place is not difficult, but having one made up of beings that are also easy to care for can be. So we hope you like our selection of flowering plants for pots.


The azalea is a beautiful flowering shrub

La azalea it is a shrub that belongs to the genus Rhododendron. Its growth is slow, but the good thing about it is that it blooms early. In fact, to give you an idea, I have one that It started producing flowers the first year I bought it in spring, and it was only about 15 inches tall (it is cuttings).

Its flowers may have one or double crown of petals, but all of them are 2-3 centimeters in diameter, and are white, red, or pink.

Cassia or sen of Alexandria

View of the Senna of Alexandria

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Wikimedia Commons

The senna of Alexandria is the name given to an evergreen shrub that botanists call senna alexandrina (before Cassia angustifolia). It is a plant that measures between 0,5 and 1 meter in heightwhich has a branched bearing.

The flowers are yellow, and they bloom in spring. They are not very big, since they measure less than two centimeters, but as the plant produces them in large numbers it is easy to make the room look very beautiful.

Geranium and pelargonium

Geraniums are flowering pot plants

Both the geranium (belonging to the genus Geranium) as the pelargonium (Pelargonium) are very similar and cultivated herbaceous plants, especially the latter. Their height is about 40-60 centimeters depending on the species, and they bloom in spring.

The flowers are small, 2 centimeters in diameter or less (those of the pelargoniums are somewhat smaller in size), and are pink, red or white.


Hydrangeas are shrubs that can be had in a pot

La hydrangea, specifically the Hydrangea macrophyllais a deciduous shrub that grows between 1 and 3 meters high. The leaves are oval, green in color and up to 30 centimeters long.

The flowers are a real beauty: they bloom from spring to summerand they do so by grouping themselves into terminal corymbs that are blue, red, pink or white.

Common jasmine

El common jasmine, whose scientific name is Jasmine officinale, it is a perennial climbing plant that reaches an approximate height of six meters. But do not worry, because you can have it with a smaller size. It is tolerant of pruning, so feel free to trim its stems in late winter if necessary.

If we talk about its flowers, you will enjoy them in spring. They have a diameter of about 2 centimeters, and they smell extraordinarily good.


Lavender is a low subshrub

La lavender essence
(belonging to the Lavandula genus) is a subshrub that, depending on the variety, can be up to 1 meter high. It is a plant that It is very interesting, not only because its lavender flowers are very numerous, sprouting in spring or summer, but also because it repels mosquitoes.

So if you are fed up with those insects bothering you, go ahead and plant potted lavender. From my own experience, I assure you that you are going to notice a great change.


Mammillaria theresae is a small cactus

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Michael Wolf

Cacti of the genus Mammillaria They are one of the most interesting to have in pots, since they are plants that do not need much space. There are many that barely exceed 10 centimeters in height, such as the Mammillaria featheryor the Theresa’s mammillaria. However, when they bloom they are wonderful.

Its flowers bloom in spring-summeremerging from the areolas of the upper part of the stem, often forming something like a crown. They are about a centimeter in diameter, and are white, red, pink, or yellow in color.

Dwarf orange or kumquat

The kumquat is a small tree that produces flowers

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Frank Vincentz

El kumquat it is a small evergreen tree that belongs to the genus Fortunella. It only grows up to 5 meters in heightso it is a plant that can be grown in a pot throughout its life.

Its flowers are similar to those of citrus, that is, they appear solitary or in groups of 1 to 4, white and fragrant. Blooms in spring. Also, you should know that the fruit is used to make jams, in case you ever feel like trying.


The rose bushes can be kept in a pot

Who has not heard of the rose bush? This is a thorny shrub that has been beautifying gardens and patios for centuries. It can reach a height of 1-1,5 meters usuallybut as it tolerates pruning well, it can be kept shorter.

Its flowers can be of very different colors, although whites and creams, reddish, orange and pink predominate. Some varieties produce fragrant flowers, but even though they don’t smell like anything, they are so pretty they are well worth growing.

They bloom almost all year round, from spring to summer. If the weather is mild, they do it also in autumn, before the temperatures drop below 10ºC.

potted rose bush

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9 flowering plants for pots

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