Characteristics and care of the hypoestes

The plant known as hypoestes It is a beauty that can be enjoyed throughout the year inside the house. Its wonderful leaves are so brightly colored that it seems that someone has wanted to create a natural work of art; in fact, one of its common names is precisely painter’s palette. With this I tell you everything …

But their care sometimes turns out to be very complicated. And is that, being a plant of tropical origin, you have to control a lot the irrigation, humidity, fertilizer … and everything that you are going to see below. So if you want to get a copy, read the advice that I am going to offer you and put them into practice.

How is it?

The genus gets its name from the Greek word “hypo” meaning low, and “estia” meaning house of flowers surrounded by leaves. The hypoestes, known as blood leaf, polka dot plant or painter’s palette, It is a herbaceous plant native to the tropical rainforests of Africa and Asia which belongs to the botanical genus Hypoestes, but has spread throughout the world. The most common species is Hypoestes phyllostachya.

This plant gets its name from the moles that spread across its broad leaves. The most common version has green leaves with pink spots, but there are many different types.

This plant produces small purple flowers from late summer to early summerbut they are insignificant compared to the leaves, so they are often clipped.

It reaches a height of about 20cm to 100cm depending on the speciesand is characterized by having lanceolate to ovoid leaves, 2-7,5cm long by 1-3,5cm wide that can be of various colors: green, reddish, green with white or reddish dots.

What are the cares?

To be able to enjoy it for many years, we recommend that you provide it with the following care:

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Characteristics and care of the hypoestes

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