Tecoma stans: Discover the uses of this small shrub

tecoma stans is the scientific name of a plant from America, better known as thunder or golden trumpet. This is a shrub that can grow to great heights and is readily available at garden stores. The thunder It is commonly confused with a small treedue to its size. It is possible to see it in […]

Euphorbia lathyris: A plant with great uses for health

The Euphorbia Lathyris.also known as Tártago, gorse grass, catapucia, camphor, fig tree of hell, etc., it is a plant that has seeds from which an oil is usually extractedwhich is possible to use within multiple applications in the industrial sector. Supposedly from Africa or India, This plant has Brazil, India and China as the main […]

7 plants with orange flowers and their care

Do you like plants with orange flowers? Well if so, you’re in luck. There are many species and cultivars that produce them, each one more interesting, since there are trees, but also shrubs and even small plants that barely exceed twenty centimeters in height. If you want to beautify your home or garden with orange […]

Japanese black pine: A tree widely used in bonsai

The Scientific name of Japanese black pine is Pinus thunbergiibelongs to the Pinaceae family, whose leaves are evergreen, grouped and not squamiform. Its origin is Japanese and it is rightly classified as the king of the conifers when it comes to bonsai. Among the features that make him so attractive and colorful are the needles […]

How to take care of the Drosera intermedia?

Image – Flickr / Joshua Mayer Carnivorous plants have always piqued the interest of many humans. Unlike most plant beings that we are used to seeing, they obtain a good part of their nutrients by feeding on the insects that fall into their traps. One of the most common but no less beautiful is the […]

Samanea saman: Discover a large tree with large foliage

same summons it is a tree that is part of the culture of many tropical countries It was introduced all over the world where the climatic conditions for its development exist. In this article you we will show all its characteristicsthe habitat where it is most found and you will also learn about some medicinal […]

Selection of the most beautiful flowers in the world

Image – Flickr / Salome Bielsa What are the most beautiful flowers in the world? That is a question that does not have a single answer. Each of us has our own tastes, so it is impossible to make a list that we all like. Now, if you want to know which ones we recommend […]

Malus floribunda: A tree classified as extraordinary for its color

The bad floribunda is equal to the Japanese apple tree or blossom apple tree, a tree listed as extraordinary Due to its great ornamental component, which derives from wonderful flowers that are the most identifying element. Once you know how are the specimens of a Japanese apple tree It will be very easy for you […]

Characteristics and care of Actinidia

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Frank Vincentz Our actinidia They are a genus of plants of great ornamental and, especially, agricultural interest. They can grow as small trees or as climbers, producing very pretty, good-sized flowers. In addition, its fruits are, in most species, edible, having an acid taste but without being unpleasant. In case […]

Mentha suaveolens: A plant with great uses for health

Around the world there are endless plants that can be used for various things. From natural and anti-inflammatory oils, to preparation of dishes, medicinal use and more. The possibilities are many. What very few know is that the number of plants that can be used for multiple purposes are very few. The mentha suaveolens one […]

Allamanda cathartica: A plant with large yellow flowers

Today we will talk about the allamanda cathartica and much of what you should know about it. From its most remarkable featuresto the use that can be given to this plant as well as the care it should have and more. It is possible that at the moment you know absolutely nothing about this species. […]

10 outdoor plants for terraces

A terrace is a space where it is tremendously interesting – and recommended, by the way – to put some plants. And it is that, it is not necessary to have a land where to create your garden; in fact, you can have it anywhere … even in a rather small outdoor space with a […]

Photonia glabra. A bush with very decorative leaves

The photonia glabra It is another of the many species of evergreen that can be considered as plants to decorate gardens. Of course, the needs and uses of each person vary with respect to this. Keep in mind that not all people are aware of this beautiful silver. It is for this reason that we […]

What is the rosewood tree and how is it cared for?

One of the many positive things about the fact that each town is different is the great cultural wealth that this our beloved planet houses. And that, although at first it has nothing to do with plants, when we look at the names we give them, some created from words from lost languages, others that […]

Black steppe: A shrub with small white flowers

The black steppe is a kind of shrub, a plant that does not grow very tall and has flowers that are very beautiful in an ornamental way, but It also has other types of characteristicsas it has important aromatic components, and it is even used medicinally for different stomach conditions. When we talk about cistus […]

Crotalaria: A legume that is fashionable in all gardens

The Crotalaria is a plant whose main function is to decorate patios and gardens. Many of them with healing properties and multiple uses. But in this case, it is herbaceous species known by many names, this being the most common. We will start by talking a little about its origin so that you know where […]

Pinguicula vulgaris, caring for a small carnivore

The pinguicula vulgaris It is one of the most common species of the genus, but this does not mean that it is less interesting; rather, the opposite is true. Its small size makes it highly recommended to grow it in rather small pots, something that you will undoubtedly like to know if you do not […]

Phytolacca decandra: A plant with beautiful flowers

Did you know there is a plant that in North America grows on the side of the roads and what is widely used as a remedy against different types of disorders and ailments? This is the Phytolacca decandrawhich in addition to being very beautiful to have as an ornamental plant in our garden, thanks to […]

Lithodora fruticosa: Shrub with very lively flowers

Now Lithodora fruticosa you possibly know it by its vulgar name of the herb of the seven indents, and it is a plant that also has an ornamental functionsome properties that make it an herb used in the world of medicine. A plant that you will find throughout Europe and some regions of Africa, of […]

Limonium vulgare: A plant with beautifully colored flowers

The Lemon vulgare stands out for its great resistance. Others have it more valued more for its ornamental value which comes from its beautiful flowers, although the truth is that this plant belonging to the genus lomonium it has earned the appreciation of many who wish to have it in their gardens. They are more […]

How and when to collect rosemary

If you have a rosemary plant in your garden or in a pot, you can take advantage of its stems to prepare delicious recipes, ensuring that they have an exquisite flavor after adding a fresh stem that has been carefully cared for. But what is the best time to cut it? Let us know how […]

7 Fast Growing Seeds for Kids to Enjoy Learning

Gardening is not a world for adults only; in fact, if you have children, nephews and / or grandchildren, you can get them to learn and above all have a lot of fun sowing seeds and taking care of them so that they grow up healthy. But yes, we all know that patience is a […]

Actinidia kolomikta: An ornamental plant with showy leaves and flowers

The actinidia kolomikta It is a plant that is known for its ornamental value, it is a climber and very beautiful thanks to the wonderful color of its foliage, being typical of the actinide genus and of the family Actinidiaceae. The plant is native to temperate and mixed forests located in China, Korea, Japan, Russia, […]

Heliconia rostrata: A plant with very vivid colors

Now rostral heliconia It is also commonly known as a dry toucan, platanillo or heliconia beak. It is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the family heliconiaceae, perennial and native to tropical and subtropical rainforests located in the Caribbean and South America. Guatemala, Venezuela, Honduras, Panama, Peru or Paraguay are some of the countries where […]

All about the Travelers’ Palm

Our protagonist of today, whose scientific name is ravenala madagascariensisis known by its popular name: Travelers’ Palm. Although this is a name that can create some confusion, because in reality it does not belong to the same family as palm trees (Arecaceae), but to the Strelitziaceae family, whose close relatives are the beautiful birds of […]

Main varieties of Magnolias and their care

Magnolia x soulangean Magnolias are characterized by having large flowers, about 5-10cm in diameter, very decorative. They withstand intense frosts, and can grow well in places sheltered from direct sun. Its growth rate is rather slow, but … who doesn’t want to wait a bit to see its precious petals? Let’s get to know the […]

Miscanthus sinesis: An ideal plant to decorate in your garden

Miscanthus sinensis It is a perennial herbaceous plant, also known as Chinese silver grass, eulalia, maiden or zebra. It belongs to the grass family, a genus that includes at least 20 recognized species of herbaceous plants. They are perfect for growing in marginal areas or near waterways. It is native to the Far East in […]

Euphorbia candelabrum: species of tree similar to a cactus

The Euphorbia candelabrum It bears that name precisely because it is shaped like a candelabrum. This specimen is usually known as candelabra cactus and it can also be found by the name of Mexican cactus, although you should know that it is not a cactus and that it does not even come from Mexico. In […]

Neoregelia: A Bromeliad with large red flowers

Within the world of Bromeliads there are more than 1000 different species of flowering plants, which show a beauty in their colors and a really important ornamental value. Inside there is a genus of these plants called Neoregelia. They are incredible for their colors, they grow in tropical environments and show a very particular beauty, […]

Pitanga Care | Gardening On

In recent times we are seeing fruits in supermarkets that we have never seen before, one of them being the pitanga. But what plant produces it? Can you stand the cold? Our protagonist, whose scientific name is eugenia uniflora, is a shrub or small evergreen tree known by the common names of ñangapiry, capulí, currant, […]

9 types of garden poplars

The poplar It is a robust tree, made of noble wood and very resistant. It is very common to find it on the sides of the roads or to separate large areas of land because its flexibility allows the winds to stop. This deciduous tree can reach 35 meters in height and several species and […]

Peppermint care | Gardening On

Peppermint is a very easy to grow aromatic plant that hardly needs maintenance; so much so that it is perfect for those people who do not have much experience in the care of plants, and even as gifts, since it is also used to season many dishes or to make infusions. Let us know how […]

Spathiphyllum: characteristics, cultivation and maintenance

Today we are going to talk about a genus of neotropical plants that has great characteristics to oxygenate the place where it is planted. This genus is known by the name of Spathiphyllum. It is better known by the name of Spatiphilus and other common names such as cradle of moses, flower of peace, Lily […]

Basic care of tapes | Gardening On

If there is a popular houseplant, this is definitely the one tape. It is tremendously decorative, so much so that it looks good in … anywhere! Yes, yes, you can have it both in the living room and in the kitchen, since its light needs are not very high unlike others that you find in […]

Discover the Alchemilla: A plant with great medicinal properties

Do you want to know a plant that is only found in cold or high altitude areas and that, in addition to having ornamental beauty, is also known for its medicinal properties? That is the Alchemillawhich you will also find under the name of the lion’s foot and in English it is usually called Lady’s […]

How to care for the Red Palm Tree

Image – Wikimedia Commons / David J. Stang When I started my time as a palm tree collector, around 2008, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with a specific species. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for my purse) I could not have it in my area, because in winter, although the temperatures do […]

8 plants in danger of extinction

Climate change, deforestation, the introduction of other species to the natural environment, fires caused … There are several reasons why there are many plants in danger of extinction in the world. Although it may seem to us that the situation of the plant kingdom is not as dramatic as we are told, the reality is […]

Cultivation and care of Egyptian papyrus

Image – Wikimedia / pjt56 – This is a plant that has seen the birth and death of one of the first civilizations (some experts say it was the first) on Earth: that of Ancient Egypt. Growing on the banks of the longest river in the world, the Nile, it was used by the Egyptians […]

Aquilegia: ornamental plants with lots of color

Do you know the world of aquilegia? This is a genus of plants that includes more than 60 species and is about plants that grow in high areas of the northern part of our planet. All the species of this genus have an ornamental beauty that makes it widely used especially in British and European […]

Utricularia australis, a very easy to care for aquatic carnivore

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Hugues The Utricularia australis it is a carnivorous plant with characteristics quite different from those of most of its sisters. Unlike the Sarracenia, for example, or the Dionaea, it lives in fresh water, floating on its surface. In fact, it is not usually found easily, except when its beautiful yellow […]

Elephant Ear Care | Gardening On

Today we will talk about a spectacular plant. Surely many of you have it decorating the living room of your home, or even in the garden. Something that is not surprising, since its leaves are very beautiful. The scientific name of this plant is Alocasia macrorrhiza and sprouts from a bulb, but unlike bulbous flowers […]

How to care for the Nandina plant

Spectacular plants grow in China and Japan, such as japanese maples or as our protagonist, the domestic nandinaAlthough you may know it better by its other names, such as Sacred Bamboo or simply Nandina. This plant is an evergreen shrub ideal to have in any type of garden, whether large or small, and it also […]

Peace lily care | Gardening On

The peace lily is one of the most popular indoor plants. It adapts to places with little light, even better than others (like Begonia). Also, they have a really very decorative flower. Flower that you can contemplate in your indoor pond, if you want to have it as an aquatic plant. But what is it […]

Yucca elephantipes: characteristics and care in the interior

One of the species of the Yucca genus is a fantastic choice for all the people who are very busy pine have too much time to take care of their plants. It’s about the yucca elephantipes. It is known by the common name of Yucca elephant foot and is considered a plant that requires hardly […]

8 Mediterranean Trees for Low Maintenance Gardens

Image – Wikimedia / Krzysztof Golik Mediterranean trees are those that are characterized by easily resisting high temperatures, as well as drought and weak frosts.. They are therefore ideal plants to grow in a low or no maintenance garden, always in full sun, but they can also be very demanding, since they do not usually […]

Liriope muscari: A plant with beautiful ornamental flowers

If you are looking to grow a plant of remarkable ornamental beauty in your garden, you should consider Liriope muscaricommonly known as Serpentina. The ease that represents your care also makes it very popular in the world of gardening. The Liriope muscari It shows a color that will give a special tone to the area […]

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