Mentha suaveolens: A plant with great uses for health

Around the world there are endless plants that can be used for various things. From natural and anti-inflammatory oils, to preparation of dishes, medicinal use and more. The possibilities are many. What very few know is that the number of plants that can be used for multiple purposes are very few.

The mentha suaveolens one of the few plants that have such versatility. Well can be used as an aromatic plantto prepare traditional and homemade medicinal, in addition to serving to prepare food and other applications.


Let’s first start by talking about where this plant comes from and what species or family it belongs to. Well then, many believe that the plant is of Mediterranean originbut as such, it is a native plant of Portugal.

Once the enormous potential it had and has been unveiled, little by little it was covering many countries in Europe and the rest of the worldto the point of being even in Latin America.

Being a little more specific about this plant, it comes from the mint family. So it is very common that when you touch its leaves or be something close to the plant you notice a strong, pungent smell and will remind you of mint smell.

Its smell is very characteristic and some associate it with curative treatments. Interestingly, it has beneficial properties for the person when a treatment with mentha suaveolens.

Not only is it known under the name of mastranto, but it has multiple names very similar to this, but one of the most characteristic is “Mint apple”. Mint Manaza is considered a perennial herbaceous plant.

As we well said, has multiple applicationsAmong those that stand out the most are: nutritional treatments and natural medicinal treatments. Below we will show you those most characteristic aspects of the mentha suaveolens.

Features mentha suaveolens

The main thing to highlight about this great plant are its applications in the medicinal aspect. Those who know how to prepare medicines and treatments based on mentha suaveolens they can treat muscle cramps, severe flu and nasal congestion, and above all, reduce the possibility of developing cancer.

This last it is a very important point for someand all thanks to the fact that silver has properties that prevent or at least delay the development of cancer cells. This is a plant that has the characteristic of being invasive once it grows.

This is why it is recommended to have a plantation that is strictly of mentha suaveolens, otherwise, the other plants will be affected and will not even have the necessary nutrients for their growth. On the other hand, you can leave a more or less considerable space if you want to plant other different species.

Regarding the growth of the plant, this species as well as others of the same family spreads in such a way that its stems run all over the groundgiving the plant stability to be able to fix it and that it can grow. So it is not at all uncommon for many stems with leaves and flowers to appear from a root.

Not all plants have resistance to the sun. Perhaps this seems contradictory because plants theoretically need the sun to live. Well, this is a half truth, since it depends a lot on the plant.

There species that are ideal for being in the sun all dayOthers are able to live in the shade and with very little incidence of sunlight. Well, in the case of this one, it has good compatibility with the sun.

Although it can also be in the shade and grow without problem, this is where the plant benefits the most. Well, being in an environment where it is in half shade, it can develop better, faster and with higher quality nutrients for the preparation of either medicine or cutaneous applications or preparing gastronomic dishes.


As we already mentioned before, this plant has medicinal usesbut we haven’t told you exactly which ones yet. Well, if you keep reading you will discover at least the most important uses of the mentha suaveolens:

Physical pain relief

By crushing the leaves of the mastranto you get a kind of “Natural cream”That works perfectly against the pain caused by the bite of mosquitoes, wasps, bees and any other type of insects. Simply apply crushed leaves on the affected area and the pain will decrease.

Relief of gastrointestinal problems

On the other hand, silver flowers also have a medicinal use. Just as you make tea with any other medicinal plant you know, you can make a tea with its flowers. This will help you if you have digestion problems. Although it also works very well when it comes to naturally controlling intestinal problems.

Highly nutritious and supports metabolism

We already commented that it is a plant that is used as a food supplement. This is because it has good amounts of iron, Vitamin A and Cin addition to being a rich source of potassium, calcium and other nutrients. On the other hand, it has been determined that ingesting this plant helps you speed up your metabolism

Specifically, these are some of the other applications of the mentha suaveolens that you should know, maybe some of them will benefit you:

  • Ideal to prevent the appearance of cancer cells.
  • The leaves can be used as a teeth whitener.
  • Treat hypertensive people and altitude sickness.
  • Problems and conditions with the liver.
  • It can treat anemia and bone pain.
  • Mastranto essential oil can be used for acne, colds and as an aroma therapy element.


person showing Mentha suaveolens leaves

As for the care that the plant needs, there are not many and it is not complex at all. In principle, just add plenty of water and regularly. You can have it in a pot and place it under the sun for a few hours and then put it in the shade. Unlike other plants, this one grows in such a way that you don’t need to prune it.

In case of getting sick or getting ugly and withered, you can prune it at ground level and in a very short time it will grow back to normal. If you really care about Mastranto, you should use granulated fertilizer in very small doses. Try to dose one or two at the most per month.

Mentha suaveolens: A plant with great uses for health

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