Marijuana seeds: types, sowing and more

Marijuana seeds can be of various types

Marijuana is a plant that can be hated, and also adored. But what no one can argue is that it reproduces by seeds, seeds that are obtained through pollination, that is, the transfer of pollen from male or female flowers to others of a different gender. This is what is known as sexual reproduction, a method that originated when the first flowering plants appeared about 140-150 million years ago.

It has been refined as new candidates for pollinators emerged … among which we find ourselves. In fact, humans have gone further: We have managed to take advantage of the season much better thanks to the different types of marijuana seeds that exist.

How is marijuana reproduced?

Marijuana seeds can be photodependent or autoflowering

Marijuana is a herbaceous plant with an annual cycle (germinates, grows, blooms, gives seeds and dies in the course of a year) belonging to the great family of angiosperms, and as such, it produces flowers. Are are grouped in cyymose, small, dioecious inflorescences (female or male) or monoecious. What does this entail when it comes to reproducing?

Dioecious flowers

It turns out that dioecious flowers are those that need, yes or yes, to somehow get the pollen from another flower to fertilize them. In its natural habitat, the Cannabis sativa It is helped by the wind, which is why it is said to be an anemophilous plant; but this is a system that in cultivation would not pay off, since it is difficult to control it. Even so, one of the things that is done a lot is to put male and female specimens very close, so that they pollinate in a natural way.

Now, if you want to make sure that you are going to obtain marijuana seeds, we recommend the cross-pollination method more. What is cross pollination? As its name suggests, what it is about is to cross the pollen of one flower with that of another. A very simple way to do it is with a small brush. You pass it first through one flower, and immediately afterward through the other. Like this for several days, until you see that the fruit is formed.

Monoecious flowers

Monoecious flowers are those that have male and female organs in the same flower. In the specific case of marijuana, these are, to be more specific, monoecious diclines, which means that androecium (typical of male flowers) and the gynoecium (typical of feminine) they are in different flowers on the same plant.

Therefore, to get seeds we only have to do one thing: take care of them and make sure that they do not lack anything. They alone will do the rest.

What types of marijuana seeds are there?

Marijuana seeds are small

When grow marijuana From seed, it is important to know the different types that there are, since their maintenance will differ a bit between one type and another. So, you should know that there are photodependent and autoflowering seeds. Let’s know what the characteristics of each are:

Photodependent seeds

They are those that they need to receive a good number of hours of light to be able to flower (about 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness when they are growing, and 12 hours of light and another 12 hours of darkness during flowering). In turn, two varieties are distinguished:

Regular photodependent

They are obtained on a regular basis pollinating the flowers of female plants with that of male plants. Above all, they have one main advantage, and that is that the genetic diversity is much greater, and therefore, it will be easier for you to get your own hybrids.

Photodependent feminized

Are obtained crossing a reversed male specimen (which is nothing more than a female turned into a male, something that is achieved with silver thiosulfate) with a female one.

These have greater advantages. For example, they will allow you to have a better optimized crop, because by obtaining only female specimens, you will not have to discard the male ones. In addition, all the time invested in its cultivation will be really useful, since you can control the size of the plants depending on the hours of light you give themAlways keeping in mind, and this is very important, that you know that in about a month they will reach adulthood.

Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering marijuana specimens are undoubtedly some of the most demanded; not in vain, if you have any It will be easier for you to get seeds at any time of the year if the weather conditions allow it.

They are obtained in different ways:

  • Pollinating autoflowering flowers with others that are also autoflowering.
  • Crossing the pollen of autoflowering with other photodependents.
  • Crossing photodependent with variety Ruderal hempwhich blooms when its hormones mature, and not when it begins to receive little or a lot of light.

Regarding its advantages, we have to talk about relatively small plants, which they reach a maximum height of 100 centimeters … and in just 2-4 weeks. This also makes them varieties less exposed to pests and microorganisms that cause diseases, so that the cost of phytosanitary treatments is lower.

Finally, they can bloom up to three times a year, so you can make the most of the season.

How to choose them?

Marijuana seeds ripen in spring-summer

Choosing a type of marijuana seed will depend a lot on the growing conditions that you are going to provide:

Regular seeds

As we have mentioned, these seeds are those that are obtained by crossing plants of different genera. Therefore, they are the ideal ones to achieve new varieties. The only downside is that they need a lot of space and lightso that its cultivation outdoors is more recommended.

Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering are very interesting when you want to have a harvest throughout the year, or when you don’t have much space to grow. What’s more, they adapt very well to growing indoorsThey do not depend as much on light to flourish as regular ones.

Step by step sowing marijuana seeds

To finish, now is a good time to know how to sow the seeds. So if you have doubts, we will try to solve them below:

  1. The first thing to do is choose a seedbed. In order to better control germination, it is highly advisable to use seedling trays, preferably a forest type, although those used to sow seeds of garden species, which are less deep, will also be useful.
  2. Then fill it with coconut fiber previously moistened with water.
  3. Then place one or two seeds in each socketand cover them with more coconut fiber.
  4. The last step is put the seedling tray outsidefull sun; or indoors with lots of light.

If the substrate is kept humid, they will germinate in the next 5 to 10 days at a temperature above 15ºC.

Marijuana is an annual plant that produces rounded seeds

We hope it has been useful to you.

Marijuana seeds: types, sowing and more

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