12 plants and trees for humid climates

Just as a circle does not fit into a square, a tree originating in a dry and warm place is not suitable for a humid place with a lot of rain.

The best thing to have a beautiful garden is to study the climate of the place where we live well and, with these data in mind, choose those plants and trees that are ideal for the climatic conditions. Therefore, if it rains frequently in your area, then we are going to recommend plants and trees for humid climates.

What are the characteristics of humid climates?

Plants are highly dependent on the weather

Before going into the subject, it is important to know what are the main characteristics of those humid climates, since this way you can be sure that the plants that you will be able to see in the photos of this article will be some of those that you can grow in your garden. , patio or terrace.

As well. When we talk about this type of climate, we refer to one in which at least 800 liters per square meter are recorded in a year. There are of several types:

  • Tropical wet: Also called equatorial climate, it can register more than 2500mm per year of rainfall, and the average temperature is about 27ºC.
  • Humid subtropical: it is located in the temperate zone of the planet but close to the tropics, so summers are warm. The temperature in winter can drop below 0 degrees, perhaps reaching -1ºC, but it will be very weak and occasional frosts. Average rainfall is around 1000mm.
  • Oceanic: the summers are mild, and the winters are cold but without reaching the extreme. Average rainfall is about 800mm per year.
  • Wet mountain: is the one in tropical latitudes, at an average altitude of 2500 meters. Rainfall can reach 1500mm per year, and the average temperature is 15ºC.
  • Subpolar oceanic: it is characterized by having cold summers, and by snowing in winter.

As we can see, when we look for plants we do not have to think only about the rains, but also about the temperatures, because for example the maples live in oceanic climates, but not in tropical climates. So if you have doubts, you can take a look at our post about weather stations to find out how a 😉 can help you.

That said, now yes, here are some recommendations:

Trees for humid climates

Delonix direction

View of the flamboyan

Or flamboyán, it is an evergreen tree, semi-deciduous or expired depending on the temperatures and the rains that there are, which grows up to 12 meters high. It develops a parasol crown, composed of leaves composed of 20 to 40 pairs of green leaflets or pinnae. Its flowers are red, or orange in the variety Delonix regia var. flavid.

It resists frosts down to -2ºC if it is an adult and is acclimatized, but prefers less rigorous climates.

Flamboyant tree
12 plants and trees for humid climates

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