Characteristics and care of Vallisneria gigantea

The enormous capacity they have to be able to adapt to different qualities of water, as well as their appearance in the form of a fairly large loop and of an intense color, make it the most sought after for aquarium enthusiasts. Each of the varieties of this plant must be kept in a submerged state at all times, because they tend to dry out too quickly when outdoors.

Characteristics of the Valisneria gigantea

characteristic of the Vallisneria gigantea

The origin of this plant is in the Philippine islands as well as in New Guinea.

This is a plant that is not very demanding when it comes to aquatic conditionsas it can be adapted to a large number of variations. However, if we look for the best conditions, these can be those that have a medium hardness as well as a PH that is close to neutral.

Although it can also be maintained at a PH that is between ranges 6 and 8.5.

With regard to temperature, it is a plant that tends to prefer warm temperatures more than cold onessince it has the ability to slow its development at temperatures below 18 ° C.

If we refer to the maximum that it can bear, being in the best conditions it can reach up to 30 ° C.

Caring for Valisneria gigantea

Its enormous capacity to adapt, gives this plant great durability, being in multitude of aquariums that are biotopes of a diverse nature.

This plant does not have much demand with respect to the substrate and in certain cases can produce roots in objects used for decorationbut if we must put iron and mineral salts on a regular basis. If we don’t do this, its leaves will turn yellow.

For this plant to have a excellent developmentIt requires many water changes periodically and that are not less than a period of three weeks and it must also be said that for small aquariums these are not the most recommended.

For this plant to have an excellent development, it requires many periodic water changes

If this happens, it will cause the plant to rot. The most indicated is that the we can sow being in groupsleaving at least one centimeter of clearance between the bottom and the sides of the aquarium.

Although this plant does not need a great deal of care, it is important that we do it frequently, in this way we can prevent it from completely covering the surface of our aquarium or to eliminate the light. To be able to fulfill this task in the best way, we have to cut the leaves with the help of a blade being flush with the water and being very careful not to dismember each of its leaves.

If we want to prevent its development from stopping as well as losing vigor, it is necessary that we leave a couple of new leaves uncut. These leaves can be recognized since they end in a point.

These are plants that in a short time they produce others through the stolons. If we do not want this type of uncontrolled growth, it is recommended that we cut them and replant them.

Characteristics and care of Vallisneria gigantea

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