Cornel. Uses and when to plant

Dogwood characteristics

This plant varies in species, but in a general sense it is very robust

This plant alone can survive in acidic soil for a considerable time, this means that it does not require so many fertilizers or special considerations regarding the soil. Depending on the type of soil and the climate this plant can flower in different ways

The most striking is the white one, this added to its peculiar shape that can be easily differentiated from other plants.

Dogwood uses

Some plant species may share similarities regarding their types and geographic locations, types of climate and soils. That is why to determine exactly the type of plant or the application it is necessary to know its taxonomy.

In medicine

Indeed, dogwood also has qualities that useful for applications in medicinethe useful parts of this plant are its fruits and its bark.

Although the fruit of the dogwood is very bitter to drink it frequently, it can be used to prepare treatments that work as astringent and antipyreticanalgesic, liver tonic and protector, antioxidant. It can help reduce fever and liver problems which facilitates healing.

The bark of the dogwood is another of the useful parts of this plant for medicine, preparing infusions can make considerable contributions to health.

Although as with any naturopathic treatment it is necessary to consult a doctor beforehand, the components released by this plant when boiled can be beneficial for health if consumed in small quantitiesbut when consumed frequently it can represent a toxic burden for the body.

Dogwood flowers can also be used for dermatological treatments When prepared in infusions, the exfoliating baths of dogwood flower water regenerate the health of the skin that is deteriorated by exposure to the environment. Some personal care products may also contain extracts of the fruit of this plant, that is also another alternative for the use and consumption of this interesting plant.

dogwood uses

The effects beneficial for liver health at the same time, they can produce other adverse health effects, some involving a lack of control in liver functions that could translate into loss of appetite or weight and failure to absorb nutrients from food.

In any case, the extract of the fruit, the flower and the bark of this plant should be previously discussed with a health professional. An abuse of the consumption of these substances is toxic to health.

In crafts

Dogwood is extremely flexible and resistantit has many applications in carpentry and for the manufacture of all kinds of ornamental or support and backing materials (such as knife handles or wheels). The quality of this wood allows them to become articles of great decorative and durable value.

In decoration

The various species of dogwood are characterized by being highly floweryits flowers are white with thick and pronounced petals, they can stay well under adverse environmental conditions. The longevity of the flowers makes them perfect for flower arrangements and for casual decorations.

This plant is not the creeper type but it can easily be combined with other plants to take advantage of its ornamental qualities.

For not growing so much this plant is widewith a characteristic and striking stem, that is why it can be used at the entrances of residences or in large gardens to complement common areas or as a living room center.

The most outstanding quality could be said to be its longevity, thanks to this it is possible to plan more elaborate decorations than ordinary ones, the petals even after detaching from the branches can remain radiant for at least four days.


This plant has a germination period of seven days With an average annual growth of approximately 30cm, for its growth it does not require direct exposure to the sun’s rays and its level of adaptability to different soils and climates allows it to have a great applicability in general.

It constantly produces flowers and its production level can vary from 4 to 13 flowers per week, its roots do not usually extend very much or sink much into the ground, so the stem can more quickly assimilate the effect of moisture in the soil.

Sowing the dogwood

The dogwood plant it is a simple plant to growdoes not require much care and grows well in acidic and dry soils, although to maintain a healthy and fast growing dogwood plant it is necessary have it first in a well-draining pot and with little compost, it must be watered less frequently and at the time of transplanting it is necessary that the destination soil has suitable humidity conditions.

sowing the dogwood

Having a dogwood plant at home can be a great advantage, this plant is very useful and decorative.

When it is convenient for us we can take advantage of medicinal properties and it is even possible to neglect it somewhat without fear that it will die or lose its properties. Although the cornel do not store moisture, it is a very leafy and colorful plant, its branches and flowers can represent a useful ally when preparing treatments without risking the health of the plant by taking so much of it.

The ease it offers against the pest and the plants alien to it make it ideal to put in the garden and maintain an effective and economical option.

Thanks to plants like this, it is possible to maintain a natural trend with the decoration of spaces using the resources that nature offers, that these plants have other applications and that in turn do not require such dedicated care and attention is something additional that can represent an attractive and important factor to include them under our roof.

Cornel. Uses and when to plant

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