Healing plants and their properties

healing and medicinal plant

It is called healing and medicinal plant to all those that, due to their characteristics and / or properties, work to treat diseases. Of the healing plants it is possible to use their parts in various ways, depending on the type of condition to be treated; Likewise, it is possible to use them in a rudimentary way using the plant directly or processing it for the manufacture of drugs.

Many are the plants that for generations have been used to improve health of people, with time and scientific studies the use of many of these has been taken to another level and the variety of medicines that are currently manufactured is very wide.

Some healing plants and their properties

Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Ideal for treating skin conditions, to heal burns and improve scars, in the field of cosmetology It is used for treatments that improve the skin.

Evening primrose

Evening primrose

Is used for lower blood cholesterol and for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, it is used in the form of an oil.


chamomile as a medicinal plant

Chamomile flowers have been used for generations to soothe digestive tract discomforts prepared in infusionIt also serves to relieve discomfort and swelling in the outer part of the eyes through the use of cold compresses and in cosmetology they are used to lighten hair color.


he ficus microcarpa ginseng is a perennial bonsai

A plant highly valued for its medicinal properties, this specifically can be used to treat diabeteserectile dysfunction problems and for its ability to provide energy.



It is used as anti inflammatory and antibacterial preventing diseases related to bacteria thanks to some of the components present in it, such as citrus fruits, among others.


Young coriander plants

Very versatile, the cilantro It can be used in sauces, salads, soups, dressings, etc., which is important that whatever way you decide to use them, to thus obtain the nutritional benefitsIt will contribute to the body’s metabolic processes, it will function as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and even to lose excess weight.


Cinnamon, a good rooting agent

Its properties include inhibiting the growth of bacteria, anticoagulants, regulates blood sugar levelsdecreases the reproduction of cancer cells, pain caused by arthritis, improves spasms and digestive processes. Among the components are calcium, iron, manganese and fiber; the use of cinnamon also extends to cooking for desserts, to improve the flavor of some vegetables and in hot drinks such as chocolate or oatmeal.


Ginger benefits

From this plant what is used is the root prepared in infusions or cut very finely.

Provides multiple benefits to the body in digestionjoint pain, allergies, muscle aches, activate blood circulation, improve defenses, it is antibacterial. For a better use of its properties it is recommended to consume it in infusions adding a touch of lemon.


Mint plant

Used mainly to improve digestion in general and reduce colic caused by poor digestion, by ingesting a few mint leaves in an infusion, salad or any other food you will be helping with good blood circulation, neutralizing toxins, preventing heartburn and also with it you can treat mouth lesions such as canker sores, fevers and migraines. It is a very fresh plant that is also used in some beverages and foods to enhance its flavor.


Oregano plant

It is composed of a variety of antioxidants, in addition to containing good amounts of calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium; These make it a very efficient plant to improve or maintain healthy the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal system and in the long term you will obtain a healthy metabolic system even when consumed in small quantities.


Rosemary flowers

To be used both in the preparation of food such as salads, sauces, meats, etc., as well as infusions, the antioxidant of romero They contribute to the body’s immune system and to achieve the right weight thanks to the fact that it is very efficient in metabolizing fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Healing plants and their properties

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