How is the African violet growing indoors?

The African violet is a herbaceous plant that is easy to fall in love with. It has hairy leaves that you want to caress, and very elegant flowers worthy of being photographed. But, Can it be kept indoors?

Being a tropical plant Growing African Violets indoors is not always easy. But I trust that it is for you now a little with the advice I am going to offer you.


Flowers of the Saintpaulia ionantha plant

African violet It should be located in a room where a lot of light enters naturally but that it is also protected from air currents, both cold and warm. For this reason, a bright living room or interior patio can be a good place to put it.


You have to water only when the earth is dryas it does not tolerate excess water. Therefore, it must be watered two-three times a week in summer and every 7-10 days the rest of the year. In the case of having a plate placed underneath, we will remove the excess water ten minutes after having watered.

Pruning and cleaning

To avoid the appearance of pests and diseases, one of the things to do is remove withered flowers and dry leaves. This way we will always make it look perfect.

As for the dust, we have to remove it with a brush, never with water or other liquids.


To get it to produce flowers and grow healthy it is important to pay it from early spring to late summer with liquid universal fertilizer following the indications specified on the product packaging.


Every two yearsIn spring, it must be transplanted into a pot 2-3cm wider than the previous one. If you don’t know how to do it, in this article explained in detail .

Saintpaulia Plant

With these tips, you are sure to be able to enjoy your African violet like never before.

How is the African violet growing indoors?

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