How to choose a pot for palm trees?

Palm trees are one of the tallest giant grasses in the world. Some of them, like those of the genus Ceroxylon, have such a large trunk that it seems they want to do everything possible so that their leaves touch the sky. With its more than 40 meters, you could think, and we would be right, that this is a type of plant not suitable for potting. But we would be wrong, at least in part.

The truth is that all of them can, and in fact, it is highly advisable, to grow in containers while they are young. Either because our garden is not finished yet or because you would like to use them to decorate the interior of the home or the patio, I am going to help you discover how to choose a pot for palm trees.

Choose the material: plastic or terracotta?

Plastic pots

Plastic flowerpot

Plastic pots are very light and inexpensive. Currently we also have pots of this material resistant to the impact of solar rays, which are also very decorative. Young palms can grow and develop reasonably well in them, but they have some problems.

Being a non-porous material, roots cannot root well. And, unless they are protected from the sun, during the summer they get very hot, something that usually does not usually pose a problem unless we have species from temperate climates (Ceroxylon, Trachycarpus, …) living in places with hot or very hot climates. .

Clay pots

Clay pot

Clay pots are somewhat more expensive, but much more resistant. As they also weigh considerably more than plastic ones, they can better withstand strong winds without moving from the site. They are also very ornamental, and can be used to decorate the patio. But … (there is always a but), if they fall they break right away, and besides, if you dream of having a collection of palm trees you may not be able (or do not want to) spend about 20 euros on average for each one.

Choose the right size

Archontophoenix Alexandrae.

Tall or wide?

It depends. Tall pots allow roots to develop more naturallysince if they were planted on the ground there are many that what they would do first would be to penetrate as much as they could into the ground. So if you have any Archontophoenix, Veitchia, parajubaea, or even howea, I advise you to plant it in this type of pots.

Moreover, those that are wider than they are tall are suitable for a wide variety of genresAs the Phoenix, Dypsis, ravenea, butya, and in general for all those that either end up having a very thick trunk, or have a tendency to take out suckers.

No holes or with drainage holes?

Always with. Palm trees like water but not puddling. If the soil is kept moist too long, the roots will rot and the plant will die. For this reason, you should not put the pot in a pot or put a plate under it (unless you remember to remove the excess water ten minutes after watering).

Has it helped you to choose the pot for your palm tree?

How to choose a pot for palm trees?

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