How to choose the best fir tree for this Christmas?

The atmosphere of Christmas is capable of turn our home into a cozy place full of magic and it is that between what are the Christmas carols, the sweets, the lights, the garlands and of course, the Christmas tree as the protagonist of the party.

The vast majority of the firs that we can find for sale for what these dates are, usually we can get them in the nurseries. In these places we have the opportunity to find a lot of completely different varieties and of which we can choose the one that best suits what we are looking for, but of course we must bear in mind that like any plant, they need a substrate that is humid, while we keep it inside the home, the space in the one that we are going to place and in the same way at the temperature at which we put the heating.

Types of Firs

Types of FirsRed for

The species of fir that is most used in Spain as a Christmas tree is the abies excelsa or also known by the name of red fir.

This is a species that has its origin in the countries of central Europe and it is the fir that has great capacity when it comes to growing faster. It has the possibility of reaching an approximate measurement of about 50 meters in height and in turn has a shape that is conical.

The branches of this tree are usually thin and the leaves are bright green, growing in a spiral shape and around the stem. It looks quite rustic, it is not necessary that we fill it with so much care and it is the most suitable species of fir if we want to place it outside.

Normandy Fir

Normandy Fir is also used very frequently for its elegant appearance and by the softness of its branches.

This unlike the previous one comes from the countries of Eastern Europe and has a shape similar to that of a pyramid with a base that is wide. It is a tree that is able to withstand the entire Christmas season if we keep it inside our home, but afterwards, the most ideal thing is that we have to place outside, either in the garden or in its difference on a terrace.

fir trees to place as a Christmas tree

Has the ability to be able to develop roots that are quite vigorous And if we put it in a pot that is fragile, it is most likely that it will end up breaking. If we choose to plant it in our garden, we have to place it in a place where there is no danger of breaking a curb or the tiles being lifted.

The species that have the ability to withstand the lack of light and in turn what are the most difficult conditions are the Normandy Fir and Red Firthat is to say, those that we have already mentioned previously.

On the other hand, the one that does not have the capacity to withstand the places that are dry and those that have heating, is conical spruce and another one that we can mention that has the ability to withstand these conditions is the Araucaria, which is quite similar to conifers.

If we do not want to choose between the spruce species that exists in nature, we can choose the alternative of buying an artificial Christmas tree.

In the market we have the possibility of achieving fir trees that are artificialbut we must bear in mind that this is not an ecological alternative, since the vast majority of these fir trees are manufactured with PVC or with any of the plastic derivatives, therefore, in order for these to be manufactured, the industries throw into the atmosphere CO2 and gases that are completely toxic to humans.

How to choose the best fir tree for this Christmas?

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