How to sow in a glass of yogurt

Are you one of those who usually throw yogurt cups into the recycling bin? If so, I encourage you to turn them into mini-seedbeds. Today we throw away a lot of plastic, too much, to the point that islands of this material have been discovered. A material that takes centuries to decompose.

Being waterproof, it is perfect to deposit the odd seed inside and take care of it so that it grows. Would you like to know how to sow in a glass of yogurt?

What do I need to sow in a glass of yogurt?

To be able to turn the glass of yogurt into a practical seedbed you need the following:

You got it? Well now it’s time to get down to business.

How are the seeds sown in the yogurt cup?

Sprouted seeds in yogurt glass

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The first thing you have to do is thoroughly clean the glass of yogurt with water. You can also use a drop of dishwasher to make sure it is clean. This is very important because otherwise bacteria and fungi could seriously damage the seeds. For this reason, you should also remove all traces of foam.

Now take the scissors and make a small hole in the base of the yogurt glass. The most recommended way is by placing the scissors on said base, and pressing down while turning them. This makes a more precise hole and avoids breaking the plastic. Then you can introduce a small piece of shading mesh in the glass so that the substrate does not get lost.

Once this is done, touch fill it with substrate almost completely. As such you can use universal culture substrate, vermiculite or specific for seedlings that are already sold ready to use in the nurseries. Water it until well moistened.

Finally, you have to place a maximum of 2 seeds in the glassa little apart from each other, and cover them with a very thin layer of substrate (just so that they are not exposed to the sun directly). Enter a label with the name of the plant and the sowing date to be able to keep a better control.

And now it only remains to keep the substrate moist, and wait for them to germinate .

How to sow in a glass of yogurt

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