Why plant trees in spring?

If you are one of those who enjoy sowing seeds or buying young plants to later plant them in the garden, surely more than once you have wondered what is the best time to carry out this task, right?

As well. There is an ideal time for everything, also to put the plants on the ground. When we want to enjoy a good garden, we have to make the planting holes after winter, but why? Next I will explain why plant trees in spring.

During autumn and winter, many plants remain asleepincluding trees. They were storing reserves in spring and summer, and with the arrival of the cold they stopped their growth. In doing so, deciduous trees dropped their leaves, and evergreens simply suspended most of their activities. In fact, in the coldest time of year, the only thing trees do is stay alive, but nothing else. If we planted them at this time, they would have a lot of trouble getting aheadbecause the energy they have is used solely and exclusively to breathe and stay upright.

The plants are not ready to be transplanted, for the simple reason that they always remain in the same place in nature. And the trees, even less, especially if they already have a certain size (3 meters or more). So why should they be planted in spring and not sooner or later? Very simple: because spring is the season when growth resumesThat is, it is when the climate is favorable enough to allow them to produce new leaves, flowers and fruits.

Young trees in a garden

In spring the sap circulates again at a more or less rapid rate through the vessels of the trunks and branches, so that, in the event of injuries, they will recover more easily.

Why plant trees in spring?

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