What is the ideal distance between a palm tree and a swimming pool?

It is aceraceous the scientific name that palm trees receivequite typical plants of paradisiacal areas. Its height can be one of the main characteristics to highlight, since they grow to approximately 10 meters tall.

Its fruits are the Cocoresulting in turn a fairly emblematic fruit of this tree. Exists a great variety of palm treeswhich will be largely determined by the area in which they are sought and is that the variety of species of palm trees will be appreciated depending on the country of origin and it is that its leaves are also quite large, with a spiral shape. The sex of the plant can be varied; its trunk only grows in a primary stage, omitting other stages of development of this tree and has 3 kinds of petalswhich will depend on the species analyzed.

Distance between a palm tree and a swimming pool

safety distance

Our palm trees and pools seem to be one of the most typical pairs in home design or ClubsBut, what is the idea distance that should exist between these? One of the main reasons for this relationship is the length of the palm tree roots and it is that these rarely exceed the meter, in fact, they actually have to reach 30cm from the ground, which gives us a clue to know that the roots of this tree are not hostile in behavioras well as not of great length and is that despite all this, it is necessary to contemplate a safe distance between the tree and the pool.

It is necessary to consider aspects of care for the palm tree:

palm tree care

Must be consider the area or soil in which the palm tree will be plantedIt is recommended that we are considering filtered soils and fertile land. If this is done, the palm tree will be safe and will have a long lifealso avoiding the falls of the same and the obstruction of other nearby structures.

With regards to distance between the palm tree and the pool a diameter of at least Meters long 5It will also depend on the type

of palm tree and how much it tends to grow. Likewise, it will be necessary to test the diameter of the tree in terms of the 5 meters proposed for a prudent distance within it.

Necessary consult various aspects to determine which is the most relevant distance between a swimming pool and a palm tree, which indicates that we could carry out several analyzes before carrying out a project of this magnitude. They should also be considered aspects such as the type of weather that occurs frequently in that area, as well as the soil conditions that will sustain the palm tree in certain seasons throughout the year.

But in short, many aspects can be considered in the future design of a place in this situation. The idea of ​​violating the tolerance margin between the distance that must exist between the pool and the palm tree as such could even be considered, which could involve an unexpected change in the structure of the placewhich would not necessarily have to be detrimental to the area, but rather perhaps offer a random model of a tourism or living area, depending on the use that is decided to be given to said area.

Finally, it is then about consider aspects such as type of palm tree, root length, trunk size, height average of that type of palm tree, as well as the type of soil in which this tree is going to be planted and finally, it must be taken into great consideration the type of weather to which said scenario proposed by the designer or owner of the house will be adapted. Thus, it is one more way to decorate the home with certain cares or risks that could give an unexpected but not necessarily unpleasant decoration for the presentation of the home itself.

What is the ideal distance between a palm tree and a swimming pool?

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