How do plants absorb nutrients

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All living things need nutrients and minerals in order to survive. Each species has its own ways of achieving this and, although plants do not have hands or mouths, they have also developed an effective strategy to grow. But, which is?

It sure surprises you the way how plants absorb nutrients.

Tree roots

And it all starts here, with the roots. Normally they will remain underground, but there are some species whose root system can be seen, at least a little, growing above the ground, as is the case with Ficus for example. The roots, since the seed germinates, have only two purposes: to hold the plant to the ground and absorb moisture present in it. They do it so well that there are species that must be planted at a safe distance from pipes, swimming pools, and other water sources.

Everything that they absorb from the earth (water and minerals found in it) is known by the name of raw sap, which is carried to the leaves. Once there, and thanks to carbon dioxide and energy from the sun, the plant can convert it into carbohydrates, sugars and starches. This sap, now made, is used to feed and grow. This process is known as photosynthesisand another of the magnificent consequences is that thanks to the plants we can breathesince they expel oxygen. A gas that we animal beings -including humans- need to be able to breathe and, therefore, to live.

Germinated seeds

Now, what happens when you are sick? Why is it recommended not to pay them until they improve? Well, this is because the roots will absorb from the soil (or from the substrate if it is grown in a pot) only what they need. When they are credited, They are being given an extra supply of nutrients and minerals that first damages the root system and then the rest of the plant. It would be something like if we forced a person with a delicate stomach to eat a good plate of french fries with hamburger. It is not advisable .

Composting is very important for plants, but only for the healthy ones.

Did you know how plants absorb nutrients?

How do plants absorb nutrients

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