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When summer looms, it is common for grooms to give jasmine to their girlfriends, something very common considering that the flowers are romantic and have a soft but penetrating aroma.

The jasmine is one of the most popular plants in the world Although it is not easy to have it at home because the flowers are somewhat delicate and will bloom only if it develops in optimal conditions.

Jasmine care

It has happened to me more than once that of arriving from the nursery happy with my new little jasmine plant so that I never see even a new flower appear. I have consulted the specialists and they recommend that I take into account certain questions that I want to share today because I do not like that this disappointment happens to others.


Jasmine is very beautiful as the white of the flowers contrasts with the bright green of the leaves. The aroma is warm and strong although with the right balance to avoid excesses. They are ideal for decorating tables and outdoors as it will be enough to gather a handful of white flowers to accommodate them in a vase and thus have a fresh and spring vase.

In these cases, you should know that it is best to collect the flowers before the sun rises to avoid damage.

Practical tips

¿What to take into account so that the plant grows in harmony? Well, the first thing is to know what you need rest in a sunny place but not with direct exposure. If you live in a too hot place, the best thing you can do is regulate the exposure to avoid burning.

A great way to find out if the number of hours it is exposed is enough, you can check its leaves because if they turn brown it will be necessary to protect it because it speaks of an excess of exposure. If you continue in the sun, the jasmine can dry completely.

On the other hand, it is a plant that needs regular pruning because its rapid growth forces to control it.


Also remember that the plant needs a soil that is always wet although with good drainage to prevent the water from flooding.

Finally, if the buds do not open, the pot must be moved to a place with greater solar exposure as this indicates that it does not receive enough light.

Tips for Growing Jasmine | Gardening On

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