Two beautiful and incredible trees known as Golden Rain

In nature there are two very similar trees, but with different climatic conditions. Both are popularly known as “Golden Rain”, and it is not that they make it rain gold, but their flowers grouped in clusters that hang down from the tree, are very reminiscent of the yellow color of the sun. And for many cultures the star king is a treasure thanks to which life exists.

We talk about some ideal trees for small gardens whose scientific name is, on the one hand, Laburnuma tree that we will only find in cool climates; and on the other hand we have the Cassia fistulaa large shrub or small tree ideal for warmer climates.

Laburnum which

Laburnum Alpine

The Laburnum it is a tree that can reach 6-7 meters in height. It is distributed mainly in southern Europe, living in the mountains. It is ideal for small gardens, which enjoy a temperate climate all year round; Although it could adapt to the cool Mediterranean climate, as long as it did not lack humidity, but it would not bloom because the summer would weaken it and it would not have the energy to bring out its beautiful yellow flowers.

You need fresh, fertile soils. It can be potted and even formed as a bonsai. But it must be taken into account that all parts of this tree are poisonous. Knowing this, you can properly enjoy the Laburnum. If you want to know how their seeds are sown, take a look at our video:

Cassia fistula care

Cassia fistula

The Cassia fistula It is a large shrub or small tree that does not usually exceed five meters in height, native to the northeast of Africa reaching Asia. Its growth is fast, and it also has yellow flowers. This species is ideal for hot climates, but not so much for cool climates, since it does not support frosts except the mildest ones.

It does not need to have as much humidity as the Laburnum, in fact, as an adult it can withstand brief periods of drought. In addition, it has medicinal properties such as laxative properties, to correct constipation or cough.

Which of the two Golden showers did you like the most?

Two beautiful and incredible trees known as Golden Rain

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