Information on growing and caring for the triangular palm tree

Dypsis decaryi

Today we will introduce you to a beautiful Palm tree native to the rainforests of Madagascar. It is known as: triangular palm treeor in English triangle palm. Its scientific name is Dypsis decaryi.

It is one of the most successful tropical-looking palms in cool climates.

Rather slow growing, it can reach a height of approximately ten meters, with a trunk thickness of no more than 40cm. Its leaves are pinnate, dark green, three meters long, and slightly arched.

Once you reach adulthood, you can bloom all year round if the weather conditions are suitable.

In cultivation it is not a very demanding plant, always bearing in mind that the climate is not excessively cold. It supports light frosts (down to -3º), as long as the specimen has been adequately acclimatized and is adult.

Young specimens in pots, if the temperature drops below zero degrees, can suffer damage to the leaves. They will not withstand colder temperatures well until a few years have passed.

The suitable substrate for the triangular palm tree will be made up of 60% black peat, 30% perlite and 10% organic matter (earthworm humus, for example).


They can be potted for many yearsbecause it is one of those palm trees that take their time to grow and develop.

Finally, we will have to control the risks since, although it is originally from the rain forests, the climate they have in their habitat is different from the one they can have in our garden. The substrate must be kept moist, but not flooded. Remember that it is much easier to save a plant that is going thirsty, than one that has had excess watering.

In gardening it is used as an isolated specimen, in alignments or in groups.

It is a very beautiful palm tree that deserves to have a hole in your garden.

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Information on growing and caring for the triangular palm tree

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