Plants for oriental gardens: the ornamental cherry

In the Japanese or Chinese spring, we can find trees whose flowers are of extraordinary beauty. In Japan, for example, they are known as Sakura, and here as cherry trees Japanese. After the harsh winter, these magnificent trees are filled with flowers and hundreds of people make numerous parties in the shade of their glasses.

There are several types of ornamental cherry trees, all of them suitable for oriental gardens. On this occasion, we show you three of the most striking.

Information about your cultivation

Prunus sargentii overall

Its maintenance and care consists of:

  • The substrate must be loose, not compacted. Preferably with a slightly acidic pH, although it tolerates neutrals.
  • Weekly or fortnightly irrigations, depending on the rainfall in the area.
  • It should be located in full sun, or in semi-shade if it is in a very hot climate.
  • By means of pruning it could be kept in a large pot without too many problems, but it is preferable that it is planted in the ground.

The three most striking ornamental cherry trees

-Prunus serrulata

Prunus serrulata

In the West, it is the one we know the most and best. It is a tree of Japanese origin whose flowers are pink or white, depending on the cultivar, with an approximate height of about five or six meters.

The crown is wide, slightly arched to both sides. Its leaves are deciduous, that is, they fall in winter, green.

Prunus serrulata

Can you imagine having a picnic in summer in the shade of the Prunus serrulata? Or sitting leaning on the tree trunk while reading a book …

It is a species that it has more and more prominence in many gardensand that is, who can resist such beauty?

-Sergeant plum

Prunus sargentii flowers

This tree is amazing. Its origin is also in Japan, and it has a height of between 5 and 10 meters, with a wide crown of about five meters. Its leaves are deciduous, and have the peculiarity that when they are very young they are copper-red in color gradually changing to a bright dark green.

If you want to have a garden with an oriental touch and you don’t have much patience, this is your tree. Its growth is quite fast.

Prunus sargentii

The Prunus sargentii is a tree that can be used as an isolated specimen. In a pot you could try to have it by pruning, but given the dimensions that it can reach, I do not recommend it.

It is one of those plants that must be in the garden to impress. And that’s something he knows how to do very well, don’t you think?

-Prunus serrulav Tibetan

Prunus serrula v.  Tibetan

What to say about Prunus serrula v. Tibetan? It is one of those plants that just see it once, it can make you fall in love. It is perhaps of the three the cherry tree that needs to pass the coldest. Taking into account that in its habitat, which is found in China, the climate is temperate all year round with winters with moderate frosts, surely in warmer climates it needs to be sheltered from the summer winds.

It grows to a height of ten meters. Its leaves are also deciduous …

Prunus serrula tibetica

… But the most striking thing is undoubtedly the trunk. Has a color bright reddish brown handsome. Ah, don’t you see it well? Do not worry.

Check out:


Nice, right? Is very striking. Anyone with a garden in temperate climates and want a tree, not only that has pretty flowers, but also has a very showy trunk, the Prunus serrula v. Tibetan is for him or her.

What do you think of these three cherry trees? Which one would you choose?

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Plants for oriental gardens: the ornamental cherry

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