Savannah Plants Guide: Acacia tortilis

Have you ever wondered what would be the names and characteristics of the plants that live in the savannas and in the deserts? Yes? Well, in this series of articles we will talk in each one of a plant of the savannah.

This time we introduce you to the acacia tortilisa tree of majestic cup symbol of the place where you are. And it is that, the trees of parasolized crown are the first that appear in our mind when we speak of plants of the savannah, or not?


Acacia tortilis lives in Africa and Southwest Asia. It lives in plains, embankments of desert and semi-desert areas. It can also be found in the Saharan mountains, reaching an altitude of 2000m. It has a rather fast growth, and an approximate height of 12 meters with a trunk no more than 1m thick, straight, although can be curved by the force of the wind or looking for light. Its leaves are deciduous, odd-pinnate, bluish-green especially when young. Its branches are thorny, already from the first year of age.

The inflorescence, which resembles a mini ballerina pom-pom, is yellow, small, no more than 1cm in diameter. They appear in summer, but if the conditions are right, it can also bloom in winter.

acacia tortilis

Se easily reproduces by seedswhich will germinate in greater numbers and more quickly if subjected to thermal shock (fill a glass with boiling water, the seeds are introduced into the water with the help of a strainer for a second, and immediately they are removed and put in a glass with water at room temperature). In a matter of days they will germinate.

In cultivation not a demanding plantas long as the weather is good. Does not resist frostperhaps -2º as an adult if they last a short time. For the rest, the Acacia tortilis is a tree to be taken into account in gardens that enjoy a warm climate all year round.

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Savannah Plants Guide: Acacia tortilis

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