The strawberry tree, an ideal shrub to have in the garden

The tea It is an ideal plant for those who want the garden to become greener. Is that it is a bush It reaches a considerable size and that is how, thanks to its intense foliage, it covers the ground without great difficulties, also giving away beautiful white flowers in autumn.

So if you are starting to build your garden you can take into account the graces of this species that will help you cover your space with green. The first thing is to know that its scientific name is I unite the trees and it is a shrub that belongs to the Ericaceae family. It is of type perennial so it has leaves all year round and that is a great advantage that is also complemented by the size it acquires, which can reach an average of five meters, in some cases reaching ten meters.

In addition, it is a tree native to the Mediterranean area so you will not be able to find it. In Spain, you can find it spontaneously in the forests of the mare nostrum coast of the Iberian Peninsula and also in Andalusia and in some places in the interior of the country.

If there is one drawback with the strawberry tree, it is that you will have to be patient because it is a slow growing shrubthat is, it will take a while to grow. The same thing happens with its flowers, which only they bloom in autumnwhen small bouquets appear white or pink and bell-shaped. The strawberry tree also gives us spherical fruits and a reddish color that make it even more beautiful.

Aside from the question of the times, it is an ideal shrub to have as long as it is easy to care It does not require intensive irrigation and although it prefers humid soils, it supports dryness. In addition, it is not necessary to prune it and you should only do it if you want it to retain a certain appearance. And as if that weren’t enough, the strawberry tree is very resistant to pests so you hardly run the risk of getting sick.

Undoubtedly, there are many reasons in your favor to have a strawberry tree in the garden. What are you waiting to do it?

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The strawberry tree, an ideal shrub to have in the garden

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